Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Wishlist

I am probably going to catch up because I don't want to do the next few. I am linking up here.

For this past birthday I put together a wishlist because I am so picky that I'm difficult to buy for. I got three things off of it!!!! I updated it and sent it out for Christmas, so I'm hoping I will get more off of it. I put things that are fairly easy to find (except the calligraphy pens) because I can get a lot of my picky stuff myself (like luxury yarns, shoes, jewelry, etc.), and I made sure I made it organized and simple with enough for the giver to be able to choose but not enough to be overwhelmed.

One thing I want to buy this season is sparkly paper and silver cord to make snowflakes and cinnamon candy canes. And perhaps I can find the teeny-tiny white fairy lights I want on sale and Mixbook might go on sale again (although that is too much spending).


Cinderella Soundtrack
Grandma’s German Cookbook (publisher is DK; isbn is 978-0-7566-9432-6)
Madeleine pan
The Shop Around the Corner (with James Stewart)

Handbag Designer 101 (by Emily Blumenthal)
Spätzle maker
The Hollow Crown Trilogy (Shakespearean plays with Tom Hiddleston)
Piano Guys Album “Wonderful”
The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques (By Lynda Maynard)
Left-Handed Calligraphy Pens (these: FP95. Manuscript Beginner's Set or FP90. Manuscript Deluxe FP Set; choose LH under size)

Taylor Swift Albums “Fearless” and “Speak Now”
The Book Thief (hardback)
Wooden Springerle and Spekulatius cookie molds

Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtracks “The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “At World’s End” (I have the middle one already
Festive Baking: Holiday classics in the Swiss, German, and Austrian tradition (isbn is 978-0385197311)
“I Love This Yarn” brand of cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Blogmas Day Two: Christmas Movies List

I am linking up here.

We of course watch tons of Hallmark, I will write more about that in another post. I thought I should make more of an effort to watch non-Hallmark movies, especially childhood favorites and Christmas classics.

~Mickey's Christmas Carol
~Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Songs (I bough a vhs because the DVD version has changes :( Ruining childhood memories, Disney!
~Christmas Sing Along (I though this one and the above were combined until we watched it this year and my sister pointed out that we had two sing alongs when we were little; this was not the favorite)
~How the Grinch Stole Christmas
~White Christmas
~Hans Brinker (well, we'll see, "our" version is harder to find and expensive!)
~Its a Wonderful Life I watched this a decade ago and didn't like it, so I thought I had better try it again. I highly doubt it will ever come close to White Christmas though.

Never Watched Before
~Holiday Inn
~A Charlie Brown Christmas
~The Polar Express
~Miracle on 34th Street
~The Bishop's Wife
~The Holiday
Any others that I read about that interest me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blogmas 2016

I enjoyed Blogtober, I think prompts and link-ups like that are fun . . . if I can pick and choose. Also, I like the idea of Christmas posts but felt too pressured by my 12 days of Christmas all in a row. So, I was pleased to find this Blogmas event going on. I will follow along, picking and choosing at my own will. Today I'm going to do the tag.

Whats Your Favourite Holiday Movie?

I love White Christmas. I feel like I haven't seen enough Christmas movies to have a "favorite" plus I'm more of a "favorites" person.

Whats Your Favourite Christmas Color?

I think it depends. I am not usually a fan of only red and green together; I like have more neturals and metals to soften the effect.

Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?

I like pajamas in the morning when emptying our stockings and then dressing up when we go to Mamau and Papau's for lunch. 

If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?

I couldn't do one person, that wouldn't seem fair. I like buying for my littlest sisters.

Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?

We celebrate with extended family on Christmas Eve, immediate family on Christmas morning, and grandparents at midday on Christmas. My brother is now married and my sister will be married by next Christmas, so we will probably adjust some. And since Christmas is on Sunday, this year will be different too.

What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break?

Usually, try to get myself into a sugar coma and binge on Hallmark and work on last minute Christmas and sale shopping. I've still got finals, so I cannot see past Wednesday, but I do want to purge (haha), watch a list of Christmas movies plus Hallmark, read some Christmas stories, and bake Christmas goodies. I also have baby and Christmas knitting I need to work on.

Any Christmas Wishes?

A good year? A fun Christmas? A Boyfriend for Christmas (ha, and I'd take that boyfriend).  

Favorite Christmas Smell?

Peppermint, chocolate, cinnamon, its hard to pick.  

Favourite Christmas Meal Or Treat?

Dad makes home-made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. For sweets, peppermint fudge, truffles, and meringue Christmas trees (all home-made of course). I prefer ham and deviled eggs for my Christmas protein. And we usually have plenty of lovely sides.

What are you doing for the holidays this year?

All of our family is around here, so we stay.

What’s your favourite holiday drink?

Hot chocolate. I don't like cider and cannot remember trying eggnog.  

Candy cane or Gingerbread men?

That's hard, I would probably go with cinnamon candy canes. We had those years ago, and I loved them. I need to get me some at some point.  

What’s your favourite holiday/Christmas song?

I have favorites and of course cannot think of them all (I want to make a list because I don't even know all the titles).

What is most important to you about the holidays?

I enjoy picking out gifts (and I've gained a family reputation for being good at it, but that's because I've developed it; trust me, over-thinking can backfire). I enjoyed the food and family time and watching gift-opening (we always wait turns and watch and its so much fun and really doesn't take too much time).

Friday, December 2, 2016

Personality Link Love

"I'm not a psychopath, Anderson, I'm a highly functioning sociopath; do your research." But is he really? Are the two disorders clearly defined and distinct?

And while we are on EQ, IQ, and manipulation, how is this for disturbing?

I love the four temperaments. I think the descriptors are easily defined, observed, and layered. I took a paper test long ago which numbered my level of each. I need to dig that I out, but this I know, I'm choleric most (don't need a test for that). Here is a description and links. Kindred Grace has tons of nice resources and articles on personality.

Introversion is really popular, at least on the Internet. But are you really an introvert . . . or are you an ambivert . . . or a narcissist?! Do we really want to know that last answer? All controversy aside, I really appreciate this new term (is it new?), ambivert, because introversion and extroversion are two extremes of a contiuum and there are many intensities and there has to be a middle. I'm an ambivert, not from balance more from being a pendulum. I would say most of my family is on the introvert-ambivert side in varying intensities . . . except my brother, Tigger, who is ambivert-extrovert.

Speaking of Winnie the Pooh.

And since we're on Pinterest, how is this for hysterical . . . Meyer-Briggs personalities in love?

Back to disorders or conditions, except this one is interesting and imaginative, so I am not sure it should be called a disorder or conditions: synesthesia. I first heard about this from Ultraviolet. No one has it at this level, this is imaginative fiction.

I've only recently heard about the enneagram, the more tests, the better, as far as I'm concerned; I find everything about personality fascinating.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Season Bucket List

~Make a real tiny gingerbread house (cottage rather). I've pinned so many ideas. I want to use mostly icing and chocolate

~Participate again in the Christmas cookie exchange

~Try a couple variations of hot chocolate

~Bake a fruitcake for Mamau and Papau

~Watch Christmas singalong from my childhood (I found in the $5 bin at Walmart, I think)

~Bake some other Christmasy goodies

~Make chocolate truffles again for Christmas Eve

~Make shimmery snowflakes for my room; if possible decorate my own mini real tree

~12 Days of Christmas blogging (I don't know if I even want to do this though . . . as long at it isn't a burden)

~Buy, make, and wrap all gifts by the 21st

~Read Christmas stories

~Watch a couple of classic Christmas movies

~If possible, sew a Christmas dress; if not, complete another Christmas project

Friday, November 25, 2016

Link Love: Drama Llama

Sometimes we need to laugh about the drama, sometimes its too ridiculous and too continual to take seriously

Cut the Drama Lighthearted vlog about drama

But sometimes we do need to take it seriously

Being in the Know Is Not a Virtue (p.s. it actually can be a vice). We all have curiosity (otherwise known as nosiness, busybodyness, etc.)

A lot of drama is cause by intentional misunderstanding and misleading and being easily offended and slow to listen, but sometimes people have difficulty interpreting and need to slow down and ask when they really care. And others may need to explain.

A Tough Bible Verse to Inspire Shutting Up

And of course, Pinterest helps explain everything

THINK I've seen this on signs for this house, a good idea

Those who start drama and my sympathy

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sponsor a Millennial and Link Fun

I'm constantly collecting bookmarks, and since I enjoy link posts (sometimes a source of the bookmarks), I thought I would make link posts occasionally. I'd prefer mine to be themed though, so this one is about generations, generation divide, etc.

I'm still not tired of finding new satires on millennials.* So, here is another one some of our friends mentioned.

Here is an extremely interesting division of all the U.S. generations (I found this after wondering how many generations back any American could trace his lineage, assuming the furthest limit).

This is a main cause for millennial issues. Also, hilarious, and points out parental issues (although you can have brats without material indulgence, or any indulgence at all) . . . and the snowball effect. This is common sense, people. Or rather should be.

Can you score well on these 8th grade exams? I printed them out and started, then realized I should just use them for reference to study!

*I'm a millennial, I realize, and I don't like when the boomers bash us, um, I don't think the people responsible for raising us and our parents should talk about irresponsibility, ya know?! I've read several criticisms of that generation's selfishness . . . snowball effect. Nevertheless, I am usually disgusted with my generation and the one after that (Gen Z, post-Millennial, iGen, whatever you want to call it), I know some most criticisms are true (I just don't swallow the disbelief, self-righteousness, and irresponsibility of the older generations, um, sorry, its pretty easy to figure out how it happened). Anyway, when people hilariously point out the absurdities of my generation, I enjoy it mightily (and I know I deserve a lot of it too).

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

I will hopefully be hunkering down and avoiding the Internet until the election is over.

I decided to edit my moralizing posts. Journaling and discussing within the family are the places for that. I don't really want to read that from other people, and most of the Internet is not a good place for discussion and many topics shouldn't be widely discussed. Unless you are a polite, good, brilliant, ethical, well-informed, well-researched, well-reasoned intellectual, please don't spout opinions on grave subjects of which you know very little. We shouldn't even form opinions on these issues without serious research, study, discussion (with trusted people), and thought. We don't need more unprofessional opinions!

Then there is the issue of privacy; these are MY personal opinions, and I'm not a professional. And did I mention that we don't need more unprofessional opinions?!!!!!!! Now, this is my blog, and I am my own censor, so I will decide how much I will limit myself. I will probably post links and maybe small posts.

Oh, yeah, and the Bible has a lot to say about too many words. A lot. Way more than this over-touted, "silence is wrong." Sometimes it might be, but that is hardly ever the issue. Same with the issue of anger and the so-called command to "righteous" anger; I've seen plenty of that too.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Favorite Songs from My Favorite Musicals

I started writing out my comment on this post, and I realized it would be far too long and should make a post.

Favorite musical numbers from live-action musicals

·       Sound of Music: the Ländler, “Edelweiss,” and “My Few of My Favorite Things”
·       Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: “Goin Courtin”
·       Les Mis: (not a huge fan; I’ve also only seen the movie): “Do You Hear the People Sing”
·       Phantom: “Think of Me Fondly,” “All I ask of You,” “The Music of the Night,”  And, well most of the songs
·       Music Man: “Good Night My Someone”

Disney/Animated Favorites

·       Tangled: “At Last I See the Light” and “Kingdom Dance”
·       Beauty and the Beast: “Prologue” music and “Transformation”
·       How to Train Your Dragon 2: “For the Dancing and the Dreaming”
·       Swan Princess: “Far Longer than Forever”
·       Anastasia: “Once Upon a December”
·       Tarzan: “You’ll Be in My Heart”

I like other Disney songs, but I think these are my favorites.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Classic Hollywood Celebration: Friendly Persuasion Review

I am linking up here again.

Former friends introduced me to Friendly Persuasion years ago. I watched it by myself first and enjoyed it and then more recently watched it several times with my mom and sisters. This 1956 film features actors Gary Cooper and Anthony Perkins and actress Dorothy McGuire (whom we've seen in the 1960 The Swiss Family Robinson which we also love). The film is very loosely based on Jessamyn West's novel of the same name.*

The story is set in Civil War era Indiana and features a rural Quaker family trying to live in a quiet way and being forced to come to terms with the fact that the forces of war are approaching close to home.** Each of the mature or maturing members of the Birdwell household has his or her own particular views and connections to the war, and this produces some familial discord. Despite all this family love, faith, and honor prevail.

Although the overarching plot leads to conflict with marauding Rebel troops, much of the film depicts the day-to-day struggles, activites and idiosyncries in this Quaker household. I love the depictions of the familial, neighborly, and outside world interactions of the Birdwells and how differently each member reacts to their Quaker responsibilities. Each person is a distinct individual and yet the conflicts tend to be small and humorous (until the end) and are always resolved.

As an older movie, the film posseses some drawbacks frequent to this period including noticeably fake scenery, not noticeably period accurate clothing, etc. The music underwhelmed me, nothing unique or heart-stirring. The plot is more a string of vignettes leading to a climax as the war touches the Birdwells with graduating intensity than a perfectly wrough plot, so at times some scenes can feel a bit random. Nevertheless, I love the portrayal of the simple, homespun daily life interspersed with plenty of humor and a little love.

If you need drama or a comprehensive Civil War plot, this movie is not for you. But if you enjoy simple, sweet stories and are interested in this unique perspective of mid-19th century American life and its gentle perspective on the war, you may enjoy the film. I had no knowledge at all of the story (a level of ignorance which I often love for books and movies) and love "homey" stories and so I appreciated the simple portrayal of Quakerism** and the war. Nothing too complicated or nuanced needing an intellectual conversation, but resting sweetness and simplicity.

*I loved the movie, so I got the book from the library, but after looking through it, I could see very little connection to the story I liked and decided I wasn't interested enough to try reading it.
**Because I must ALWAYS give a history lesson, I must point out that Quakers were not traditionally formal pacificists; they did place a greater value on overall kindness and humaness, but the stringent pacificism came far later. I learned this from Albion's Seed, and I truly cannot recommend that book enough.