My Movie Tastes


          Yeah, love stories and cute guys are my main requirement for movies...:D I love Disney fairytales still, especially the newest-Tangled. I mean who could possibly not like Flynn (and I like his assumed name better than Eugene). And of course the animal sidekicks that are a necessity for Disney princesses. Oh yeah, and Repunzel. So, yeah I still like little girly movies...SO?



          The recent Star Trek movie is my only like in this genre...which I have to admit is probably mainly because of the guys...I mean soo many handsome, truly talented actors in one movie. There is a little love and some action, so yeah I love this movie.

Super Heroes

          I have seen the first two of the Batman trio and the first Ironman. I have seen snipets of the Spiderman movies, and I have seen Captain America. I want to watch Thor soon. It is rather strange that I even like this genre, but I guess I like it because of cute guys, action with not much gore, and the thought provoking aspect of many of them.

Period Drama/Romance

Modern Chick Flicks

          Yeah, I love Chris Pine...oh wait, that is not what I was supposed to be writing about :D Um, I have not really seen many in this genre except preteen ones like the Princess Diaries (I like them but not equally-can you guess which I prefer?) and Hallmark which is sometimes fun but really lame. I would like any suggestions for clean, non-Hallmark modern chick flicks.



 I am totally and completely befuddled and annoyed and perplexed and confounded and irritated and, well, you get it, by the love of this movie. And yes, I have watched it and no, my watching was not done with an open mind. But I can be made to like something that I was prejudiced against even while I still mentally disapprove of said piece of entertainment and can provide a concrete example of said ability-The Hunger Games anyone? So, why peoples?

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