Saturday, November 19, 2011

Austenitis: Birthday Tag!

1. August-named after Augustus Caesar.

2. Peridot

3. I have had themed family parties when I was younger. I had a tea party recently. I think it would be fun to have a masquerade ball.

4. The pearls Dad bought for me in china; he bought me pearl stud earrings and a string of pearls (so much prettier to say than a pearl necklace. I am definitely a pearls over diamonds girl (excepting of course where engagement rings are concerned).

5. Roses! August's flowers though are poppies and gladiolas (Roses belong to June-June gets two of my favorites in gems and flowers).

6. I believe I was born on Alfred, Lord Tennyson's 181st birthday (I have also seen his b-day was the 7th too-I will have to find more official sources-if the 1960's Encyclopedias are not considered official). I was also born 45 years to the date after the bombing of Hiroshima.

7. Yes.

8. I like my birthday month and date now, but I wish I could change the gemstone to ruby, aquamarine, or amethyst (I don't think pearls and diamonds are the best for birthstones-they are more general gems).

9. Two of these are outrageous, but I would love a trip to Europe, a white gold and diamond key pendant, and a specially made cedar hope chest.

10. Random #1 In Korea I believe they count their age as one from their actual birthday, so when we would consider them say 20 they would consider themselves 21. Random #2 I know of someone who celebrated her kid's half-birthday.

Here is the link to join in the birthday tag:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Organic Make Up Choices

I am going to write a little bit more on Wednesday about my love for all things organic, but I have not posted much except about giveaways, so I thought I would go ahead and post a little bit about makeup.

The very first makeup I bought was mineral makeup from my local Rainbow Blossom most of which was on sale (which is why it first caught my eye); I was starting to become really interested in organic stuff then because of my acne. I had not been interested in wearing makeup (and I don't think my parents wanted me to wear makeup) when I was in high school. I was 19 or 20 when I bought this makeup, but I did not start regularly wearing it for some months after I had bought it.

I was quite the amateur in my choices, but I also was in the sale basket, so I suppose that can be some excuse. I bought powder that was way too orange for my skin tone and dark blue and orange-gold eye shadows (I have blue eyes and although I am technically a brunette, I need to have the colors of a blond). Those were my worst choices. I also had silver sparkly eyeshadow which would have been okay had I not worn it so heavily; my mom sometimes made me wipe it off. The mascara was my favorite thing, and it definitely made me feel much better about myself when wearing it, so I got hooked. Now I wear mascara whenever I am around people even if we are just going to the park with friends.

I was given Mary Kay a few months ago which I know would thrill many women exceedingly, and I have used it, but I feel very strongly about using organic items, so I am giving the makeup to a friend. I have given much of my poor color choice makeup away.

Right now I have Lavera Volume Mascara which I purchased from My foundation is Nvey Eco which I purchased from; I think it is okay, but I want a more pink toned and dewy foundation. I also have set of four limited edition Alima Pure eye shadows (light pink, light gold, soft brown, and dark brown). I have also tried an eyeshadow from

I have also ordered from I want to try Dr. Hauschka's mascara and concealer, Living Nature's foundation, and more eyeshadows from EllaRoseMinerals. I just love looking at all the pretty makeup choices!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Read It and Weep

I just recently watched this Disney flick after seeing it float on my Netflix suggestion list and dismissing it for months. I ended up enjoying it; I should have realized by now that I frequently like things that I am uninterested in watching at first.

There were a lot more stereotypes both in people and plot in this movie than in Lemonade Mouth. At least I thought so. If you have not figured out by now that my reviews/gushes are spoilers, I will go ahead and issue a warning: I am going to reveal much of the plot of this movie. I will attempt to make this review more of a real one.

Okay, lets start with the characters.

This is Jamie. She and her friends Harmony, Lindsay, and Connor are everyday, normal teens. They have their small interests and crushes and problems. They blend in with the crowd; they are, do, and say nothing that makes them stand out. Jamie keeps melodramatic and rather caustic journal story of her days. She wants to be a writer, but not at the cost of her privacy.

Is is the imaginary Jamie. Is Saves the Word is the title of Jamie's journal. This alter ego is supposed to be the good, successful girl who shows up the mean girls at school. The cool, smart, popular Is does and is everything Jamie wishes she could do and be. She is  perfectly poised at all times and has a response or retort for every unnerving occurrence in Jamie's life. Is does everything right. "The populars" don't have anything on Is; the mean girls can never triumph over her.

Speaking of mean girls.

Sawyer is the stereotypical snobby, nasty popular girl with the hot boyfriend (on whom Jamie has a crush). She regularly treats Jamie like a piece of trash, and everything seems to go her way. She is the head of the trio that Jamie dubs "the populars."

Connor is the secret author of works that sing Jamie's praise (one being a poem that causes Jamie to have a crush on Marco). He has a huge crush on Jamie that none of his friends suspect until he gets upset about Jamie ditching the quartet's prom plans to go with Marco. He is the only one who offers her any support when her unpopularity soars.

Lenny is Jamie's older brother who acts like Jamie is an embarrassing nuisance, but who really actually cares what she thinks of him. He dreams of being a musician but does not have enough self-confidence to play in public. Jamie's friends acknowledge his talent before she gives him the time of day.

Jamie accidentally causes her journal to be turned in to class, and it wins a prize. Her journal becomes a bestseller, and she is very embarrassed. Eventually, she starts slipping into popular girl mode. She starts spending time with Sawyer, ignores her friends, breaks promises, and is cruel to her brother about his music. She agrees to go to prom with Marco. Everything culminates when she lets it slip that her story is her journal and the characters in the journal are real people in her school. She pretty much has no friends and no popularity at this point; Marco thinks she's Is and calls her that all the time. Connor tries to help her, but he finally cannot take it anymore.

She realizes that Is is not a nice person and that she is letting the Is part of her take over. She tells her brother (through the door that he closed on her) that his music is good. She goes to prom with Marco fighting with herself the entire time. A teacher gives her the credit for decorating the event even although it was all the work of Lindsay and Harmony (she signed them up to decorate with her against their protests). After much internal struggling, she gives them their rightful credit and apologizes to everyone. She chases Connor down (Marco had revealed to her earlier that Connor wrote the poem) and kisses him. Her brother gets up in front of everyone and plays a song for her. Everything is happily ever after.

It was a sweet movie like most Disney flicks are. I had a lot of issues with it though. There was a lot of things that were not addressed correctly or at all. Jamie's selfishness is dealt with, but no one else has their fault shown to them and no one else apologizes. Hardly any conflicts occur where only one person is wrong, and the same applies to this story. I would consider Jamie's friends Lindsay and Harmony fair weather friends; they did not point out the wrong direction she was going, and they gave her the cold shoulder when she made mistakes, and I am sorry, that is as wrong as what she did to them. And I have to saw Sawyer did far more wrong to Jamie than Jamie ever did to her.

Jamie says in her apology that she should never have wrote all those nasty descriptions of her classmates; she said everyone is not as black and white as she described them as being. There certainly is plenty of grey areas in life, but that does not mean we should dismiss all the black and white areas. One black area in particular is Sawyer's nastiness and selfishness. That issue is not dealt with at all, nor is the fact that Jamie's friends stopped being real friends to her when she stopped being real friends to them. So its okay to do your friend the same wrong she did to you simply because she did it first? Yeah, I do not think so. I have yet to see a movie where more than one person apologizes; there is usually wrong on many sides, but only one person is emphasized as being in the wrong.

This movie followed the typical underdog gets the girl pattern, but I liked it particularly since Connor was the only one who made any effort to stick by Jamie. I also liked the twist that the reason (or one of the reasons) why Jamie liked Marco was because of Connor's poetry.

Oh, and like many Disney flicks the characters have to be really blind for the plot to work. It is hard to believe absolutely no one figured out on their own that they were characters in the book; all the main characters would have even if she had not stated that it was her journal (which everyone might not have known anyway until she apologized). And Connor's crush, at least Lindsay, Harmony, and Marco should have known about it. I would believe it if Jamie herself did not see it; she did not want to see it, and we can make ourselves blind to things we don't want to see. To use that theory on the entire school would be a stretch though, especially since people already like imagining real people in the characters of fiction without any basis for doing so.

The issues that I mentioned were some of the reasons that prompted me to write a serious review. Another reason is that I feel like I should actually put some thought and effort into some of my reviews. I don't have a problem with gushy reviews, but I want to spend some time on really writing about things as well as gushing over them; there is plenty of time for both.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I finally saw Thor!!!!! I watched it for the first time yesterday...and fell in love with Loki. Yeah, my sister is not happy; she says that he is hers. Oh, and I am still in love with Thor too. I cannot wait for The Avengers to come out!

Yeah, this movie was great, but not for the plot. For the two REALLY handsome men! Yes, this not a review; this is a gush post. Sorry...not really.

But seriously, the plot was fine, but it was waaaaay too fast for a superb movie and a little too simple. All superhero movies are definitely not created equal. It was like the directors did not want to think too much or make a very long movie. This was a kind of candy movie (yeah, eye candy too).  Oh, and I thought that Thor's little band of sidekicks (especially the girl) were stereotypical and lame. It was SO fast; it did not deal thoroughly with all the issues such as Thor's childishness (zap, he is mature now), the father's lack of sensitivity (towards both his children), Thor's treatment of Loki, and Loki's inferiority complex.

Oh I like them both; I just am more lenient to Loki. Oh.My.Word. The scene when he finds out what and who he is?!!! His acting=amazing. Actually, all the actors were great. Oh, they could have had a much better movie! Yeah, I refuse to believe that Loki attempted to kill Thor; the directors just did not explain it. Loki is NOT a bad guy;

I also love the scene when he patches up things with the ice king, so they all can leave with no harm done from Thor's little expedition, and then the ice king insults Thor and Loki who is headed back towards home says, "D.....!" because he knows exactly what is going to happen next. Love.

 What a sweet, silly boy Thor was. He was hilarious with his ludicrously pompous and old-fashioned mannerisms and actions on earth. Like when he walked casually into the street and just looked at all the cars while they honked at him.

Jane was rather nondescript, but the romance was sweet. It was also hilarious that she kept hitting him with her vehicle.

Here he is in all his pompous glory! That movie is going to be so much fun!