Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Party!

I am a home school graduate in my fourth semester in college. I still live at home, and all my classes have been online; next semester I will be taking my first ever classroom classes. I love historical fashion and general daily life sort of things like how they played and what they talked about etc. I love period dramas. I love crafts. I love reading blogs.  I, according to some people (with whom I agree) live in a bubble (or ivory tower or whatever you want to call it); I want to break out of that bubble and expand my world-I would like to live in a different state-I have lived in the same general area of the same state for all the life that I can remember. I am uncertain what my college degree will be. I grew up slow. I love to talk, but I can still be afraid of people.

These questions are a mix of the ones on the party blog, ones I have seen before, and my own ideas-feel free to use.

1. A Weird/Annoying/Embarrassing Thing About Me
I like to repeat songs I like over and over again-I mean like five times in one setting and then again the next day. I have a few songs/pieces I do this with, and then I move on to another set of favs. Yes, I am slightly OCD; actually, I was seriously, problematically OCD as a teen with the characteristic handwashing problems complete with red arms up to my elbow-I am not joking. 

2. Favorite Time Period
Regency and Victorian. Beautiful clothing, wonderful literature, lovely manners (in the middle class anyway), elegant hairstyles...Of course I still love aspects of other times too like the early-mid twentieth century and the colonial period. 

3. Favorite Movie
It really depends on when you ask me. I will just give my favorite animated which is Tangled and my favorite recently watched one which is Thor. 

4. Coffee
I hate coffee, and I don't like the smell. I walk in to Starbucks and feel shabby, stupid, and ignorant. I look at their menu and think that it is in another language. Furthermore, I do not want to like coffee. Oh, and random-sort-of-connected-fact I also don't like soft drinks. 

5. Favorite Fast Food
Chick-Fil-A. I think I am addicted; I know I am deprived. There is not one near enough to me. I think the closest is at least thirty minutes away. 

6. Waffles or Pancakes
Waffles. They DO NOT taste the same as pancakes. I am not sure how much the fact that my father has cooked pancakes way too many times for us affects my choice.  

7. Favorite Games
I enjoy Risk, Scrabble, and Scattergories, but it is aggravating to play
Scrabble with those two letter word masters such as my brother; I usually lose by at least 100 points. 

8. Are You Competitive?
In everything and in every way. 

9. Neat or Messy?
Terribly messy. My mom told me that my room was a fire or injury hazard once in recent months; it was. My bed rarely gets made, I frequently lose things on my floor, and yes, it probably hampers my life. I do want to  be an organized person eventually . 

10. Procrastinator?

11. Night Owl or Early Bird
I should be an early bird since I work best in the mornings/afternoons and need to sleep before midnight, but in practice I am a night owl who plays on the internet looking at blogs, wish shopping, and generally avoiding being useful and/or going to bed. 

12. Have Your Ever Dyed Your Hair?
I have not. I would like to try henna and natural dying and bleaching. I like organic stuff, so I am not crazy about chemical dying, but if I did do it I think I would like to be a strawberry blond or true redhead (I am a medium brunette who has to wear the colors of a blond). 

13. If You Could Live in an Fictional/Alternate Universe What Would It Be?
Harry Potter's Britain. I would be a Hogwarts House of Ravenclaw graduate (I have that banner sticker on my wall even thought I am much to old for such things), and hopefully married to Fred Weasley (he did not die-that was a misprint). 

14. Favorite Colors
I love Color Me Beautiful; I am a summer, and I love all those colors. Purple and rich blue-red and raspberry and wine are my absolute favorites, but I love so many colors. 

15. Austenite?
I enjoy Jane Austen but was a little irritated when I found out how popular it was-I do not like to share my book interests with so many-lets keep it select please. I mean that obnoxious term says it all-don't be ignorant and fangirly, really. 

16. An Embarrassing Fact About Your Ignorance About Something
I am soooo very technologically ignorant-and I am in college! I like some technology, but I just don't know very much about it, and I am usually really late in getting major pieces of technology as in I just bought my first camera, and I don't have an Ipod...and I am in my early twenties :P 

17. Introvert or Extrovert?
This is hard; I have heard so many definitions, and I have changed much since when I was in my mid-teens. I know for certain that I am introspective. I do enjoy being in my room, but I also love hanging out with select people. I prefer smaller groups although I still enjoy bigger ones. I do think I am an introvert since I do think I am more secure or energized or whatever is the determinate when I am alone. I am a huge blabbermouth and chatterbox though. 

18. Optimist or Pessimist?
I used to be very definitely a pessimist, but sometimes now I think I can be optimistic or at least semi-optimistic :P

20. Bucket List? If So One Item.
Yes, I have a bucket list. It is unfinished and has 140 items so far; when I started getting closer to 100 hundred I decide 150 was a good number. It is a grandiose list. One of my wishes was to learn Welsh-I am not very good with languages and hate to study...hmmmm.


  1. Chick Fil A has to be the best fast food in the world. There isn't one near me either.. not fair!! :)

  2. We are in Wichita and my husband is thrilled that they are building a Chick Fil A finally! Its the small things you know:)
    Be Blessed,

  3. Love how you changed the questions! Go you! P.S. Nice to meet you! ( :


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