Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whatever Wednesdays:Organic Living

I picked up this book from Half Price books for $7 or $8 and totally fell in love with it. I had already become interested in organic living because of my acne and other issues, and this site . I now really feel strongly about using natural and organic products and have pretty much completely switched over all my cosmetic and toiletry items to organic versions.

I do not feel like trying to influence other people to live this way; it is just a personal conviction/desire for me. It kind of all blends with my old-fashioned attitude and my desire for all things pure, real, and original. There are so many aspects to this natural/organic movement. There is the issue of eating organically, the use of herbs, the use of organic cosmetics and bath products, and there is the practice of aromatherapy. These are the only parts of this lifestyle that I would condone; I do not believe in acupuncture or homeopathy which are listed in one of my books.

I consider eating naturally as an important part of this way of life, and I want to eat completely organic eventually, but that is much more difficult than going natural with cosmetics. I am still at home, so I don't have to buy my own food, and when I do I have to tote it from my room on the second floor (I have a mini refrigerator) to the kitchen and back. I also need to learn how to plan out and prepare meals for a week or so in advance. Since I have not made the food switch, at the very least I should at least avoid white sugar, white flour, anything with tons of preservatives, and candy (which I only do if it is not around). I have bought some organic food recently from the organic section at Kroger and from Whole Foods. I would like to eventually buy some bulk grains from some of the local co-ops. I feel like this is essential if I want to have healthy skin and hair besides all the other health benefits; topical treatments cannot cure something that involves internal problems as well. I have come to view health as rather a holistic issue. Another book I own is Prescription for Natural Cures. In the back of this book is the authors version of the food pyramid which has dairy at the top (which makes me sad-not sure I would follow that part), the protein, then grains (I always felt that 6 servings was way too much!), then healthy oils, then fruits and veggies, and then water. I need to work on the water and fruits and vegetables part. It is humiliating to discover how unhealthy I have been eating/drinking even though I think that compared to most Americans I do not eat that poorly (I don't eat much fast food-usually once a month if even that, I dislike soft drinks and coffee, and we usually do not have too much junk food and candy in our house.

Eating organically is the most important issue to me, but I would also like to learn about some of the other things such as the use of essential oils and herbs. I would also like to switch from buying bath products to making them. A lady from my church has given me some recipes for lotion and toothpaste, and I have found several recipes I wish to try from a variety of books both that I own and that I have borrowed. I am just uncertain about which essential oils, herbs, and other it would be practical for me to buy. I still would like to try some topical acne treatments, but I am so skeptical because nothing I ever tried worked and all I do now is use organic soap and I here of so many different things to try. I just don't want to buy anything I won't use. I would use lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, and all the other basic stuff if I made it, but I have never got around to accumulating all the things I need. I also want to develop my own perfume since I would like a perfume but never liked the store bought stuff even before I became a believer in organic living.


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