Friday, May 25, 2012


I have finally started sewing; most of this month was supposed to be devoted to sewing since I am off school for this month, but I hadn't seriously worked on it until this week. I have half of the dining room table covered with fabric and partially started projects. The above is the main portion of a skirt that will consist of a yoke and gathered skirt.

This is part of the bodice of the maxi dress that I started last year. I had originally planned to cut strips of fabric and gather and sew them on the bodice as rosettes in the manner of my inspiration dress, but I ditched that idea last year. I thought about it again this year because I did not like the idea of a plain bodice, but then I thought I could embroider swirls on it instead of meticulously sewing spirals on with the machine. I am using silk ribbon to do the swirls which will be all over the front.

The pink striped fabric will hopefully become a dress. The gingham will be a pleated skirt and possibly a border on the blue and yellow gathered skirt. The original plan for the green is/was a pencil skirt, but it is quilt fabric and pencil skirt are better with heavier fabric, so we shall see.

I am also working on a swimsuit-I mean I started one last year. I have partially finished skirts, ripped apart skirts and other untouched fabrics as well. Yeah, I have a lot to work with. I get bored easily, so it is better for me to have more than one project going. Besides if I work on them all diligently I can have several new items of clothing done at a time.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello, I Exist Still

I am sorry I have not posted in a long while. I do have some "reviews" in the works for the books/plays I have been reading since school finished.

I have seen the wonderful Avengers movie (I went to a midnight showing-a first for me), but as with The Hunger Games, I want to watch it again before I post anything on it. An action movie, an already tired person, and midnight showings do not make for a brilliant memory. My brother insisted that we saw a Dark Knight Rises trailer, and after much argument I began to have a slight, wavering memory of it, but I apparently had instantly forgot that we saw it because when the movie was starting I was whining about not seeing a Dark Knight Rises yeah, I don't think my Avengers perceptions are exactly post ready.

I am quite excited about Dark Knight Rises what with all the AMAZING trailers. Snow White and the Huntsman is also looking good (for its type-do not think that I place it in the same "good" group as Dark Knight Rises)...except for the fatal flaw named Kristen Stewart. What mental person cast Chris Hemsworth (CHRIS HEMSWORTH), and Kristen Stewart in the same movie (actually who in their right mind would cast her in any movie)? Brave is looking nice too.

Oh, and I finally remembered to get in Pottermore. I am a dork I know-trust me I was laughed at, but the wand and the Ravenclaw standing are worth it.

Okay, I am rambling and its about midnight, good night peoplesez.