Monday, July 16, 2012


Soooorrrryyyy! I haven't posted anything interesting in quite a time. I will try to do a couple posts this week since my schedule should be lighter as I have fewer hours at work. For now here's a briefing on what I have been doing.

Vacationing. My mom and most of my sisters went to Williamsburg with me last week. This time we hit Jamestown-in love with their glassworks...eep!

Working on my horrid school; if I don't fail these classes I should be getting my Associate of Arts at the end of the summer.

Getting my classes at the university for the fall semester (I am excited!). Whew, now its starting to feel official.

Trying to jog with the Couch to 5K program with my mom. We have had some repitions/alterations, but it is a really simple, encouraging plan especially since the title is literal for me. I am on week five, so today I jogged (well, kind of)  3 5" intervals with 3" of walking ing between.

Watching Pysch. I.Love.That. Show.

Avoiding watching Downtown Abbey. It called a resistance to fads; it might be a disease.

Killing wasps; I killed two wasps in my room. Trust me this is a biggie-what with the exertion and fear I was "trembly." Yeah, that fear thing, hmmm. Oh, you don't think this belongs on this list? Well, too bad.

Shopping! I made my first consignment shop purchase. I was pretty pleased-I got a pair of jeans (which only need to have the waist taken in-they don't need hemming!), a silk skirt, and two oxford style blouses. I am going to turn the old lady/eighties skirt into a pencil, and modify the two blouses (I have already taken off the collars; what with a short neck and sloping shoulders I end up looking like a triangle with a head on top :P). Grand plans from the girl who still has not finished those skirts and that maxi dress I mentioned before. I have sewed a little though. I have worked on my regency dress which I want to finish by Saturday.

Having fun with friends. I think I have been a smidgen better at socializing these last few weeks.

Oh, and PLAYING WITH MY IPHONE! I asked my dad about how much unlimited text would cost (my parents and two of my siblings and I are on one plan; four of us had ancient phones-mine and my brother's were flip phones), and mentioned that I wanted an iphone. A few weeks later our plan was upgraded, and I had an iphone for my birthday. The plan gave us free Blackberrys which my mom and sister chose, but my brother and I wanted different options, so we had our birthday presents earlier (the first three kids in our family have August birthdays-in our birth order FYI). My brother got a Samsung something which he says is better, but I fell hard for the cool factor, so I have an iPhone.

Now, what I am planning on doing.

Attending the midnight showing of.....THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!!!!! I cannot wait. One of my best friends is coming back from a trip of a few weeks, and she and my siblings and I are planning on seeing it together.

Attending the Jane Austen Festival. I have been twice, and intend to keep on attending. These are simply lovely, and most people are dressed up. Enough said.

I will really try to get some posts up. I am need to try to get my life together; I mean I should be a grown-up-I am almost 22! Oh, yeah, that's on my to-do list-turn 22.

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