Saturday, September 22, 2012


So, a bit of an update on daily life.

I have been doing school all the time it feels like. Actually, I usually just go to school in the morning and then daydream or do homework at work twice a week or play on my phone and computer. Yesterday though, I worked most of the day on school including a paper. I usually have a sleep deficit at the end of the week, I have a mild cold/cough, and my paper was confusing me even though it was only to be two pages (doubled-spaced), so I was miserable over that paper and everything starting swirling together, so I just stopped. I meant to work on it more this morning, but it still was formidable, so I just went ahead and sent it to my teacher to review in an email expressing my frustrations. I read the email response earlier this evening--she said it wasn't as bad as she thought after first reading my note. She said she made some notes of what I should change, but I will look that over tomorrow and finish my paper then (yes, I am bad doing school on Sunday)...and study for that Latin exam Monday :P

My room is a mess, and I have been running out of school clothes and washing some stuff in the sink because I don't have a good laundry schedule in place (I wash most of my clothes separately, usually on a gentler cycle).

I have had about four overdue items at the library this past month or so, and I have not been reading much even though I have several books started. I need to stack them up together, and I need some light stuff to mix in with what I have going. This on campus schooling is taking its toll, and I really need to adjust to it better; this needs to start with going to bed around 9:30. I did this last night, but that doesn't take care of the sleep deficit for this week.

Okay, enough of my craziness. I went thrifting again with friends today and got two skirts, five tops and one hat which I thought was pretty good haul. Most of the stuff was summery or light-weight, but one of the skirts was a nice grey velour maxi skirt which should be great for school. And, yes, I still want to modify some of the tops. I am happy I got tops though since they are harder for me to buy than skirts and dresses.

If I can manage to pull myself and my schedule together, then maybe I will be able to work on my clothes and post some photos--we will see since, as I said before, I am better at tearing things apart.

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