Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taylor Swift's 22

Quickie post here.

Except for the horrific, Never Ever, I generally really enjoy Taylor Swift's most popular songs. They are completely light, girly, and totally empathizing. I don't care if it isn't good music; I know it isn't and that is all that matters to me on that head.

I finally watched/listened to Taylor Swift's 22 and yeah, the song was fine-fluffier than I like, the music was fun...but I am twenty-two and felt that it was a ridiculous portrayal of the ideal 22. I get that I am immature, but my immaturity is more to do with childishness, naivety, etc. than the partying, ditzy teenager type which is the vibe this video gave off. Also, I know I am immature, and I know that I need to spend my time, including leisure time, more productively. I was disgusted because this was my idea of a high-schooler of the type I despise. This was offensive because this "ideal" is common.

22 should mean four years of adulthood and should mean college graduation or marriage + significant employment or marriage+ kids or significant employment (I want to do a post on the college/stay at home daughter question).

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  1. I enjoy a few of Taylor Swift's songs, but in general I have to say that I think she writes pretty immature things for her age... I'm assuming she's writing about 22 because she is 22...? Anyways, I don't keep up much. I just wanted to say that I would be very interested to read your thoughts about college/stay at home daughter!


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