Monday, June 3, 2013

My Summer So Far

I had all sorts of grand plans for taking fun classes, sewing, knitting, cleaning, being creative, being healthy, preparing for school, etc. I only have one online class this summer (which is new for me) and it is only one month (also new to me), July. I made out a grand goal board. I actually don't think it was unreasonable. Actually, I still think it is pretty reasonable. It is just that I lost my momentum and wasted a month. I will see if I can stir myself back into action. Here is a photo of my goal board.

Enough of plans and excuses. I have been working 20-30 hours a week and reading while at work, so I have finished quite a few books, mostly Sherlock Holmes stories. I haven't finished the last one; I almost don't want to because I don't want them to end :(

Many times after work I would come home and watch several episodes of this marvelous television show with some of my family since I purchased entire series. Yes! Which reminds me that we need to squeeze some in this week.

One of my goals was to bake more. I baked some lovely gingersnap cookies early on my break (or during my light finals week) and then less lovely French bread. Thereupon my baking career ended until my cake decorating class started. A set of blah and then burnt sugar cookies, yummy chocolate cupcakes, blah yellow/white cake, and then very yummy white cake were the items resulting from that class.

Finished Alteration Projects: 1 out of...I don't know, 20? I worked on another white top as well, but I put on the neck finishing the wrong way, so I lost my momentum and gave it up for a while...a long while...and bought more fabric instead.

Anyway, this is one of the tops I bought at Clothes Mentor.
I took off the heavy bottom, took out the tucks, took in the sides, and hemmed it, so that it would better suit my purpose of wearing it tucked in. Before:


Knitting: finished 1 project, started 1 project, avoided complicated unfinished project.

I finished this lovely beret. My family thought it was lovely and some of my sisters have put in requests for ones of their own. The pattern link is here, and the pattern is free of course!

I joined Ravelry and printed off this pattern which I have worked on intermittently. I am thrilled to pieces with them, ahem it.

Creative classes: Cake Decorating
I took a four session Wilton Cake Decorating Class at Michael's. If you are a motivated person, I would recommend just buying the books and materials and doing it on your own. I am not taking any of the other levels and will hopefully try the learn at home route. For now I need to practice what I learned from this class. Here are my two projects. Yeah, Miss Patience did excellently you see...:/

Other: 3 gatherings, 1 possible class.

Number 1: Froyo and doggie rescue. My sister and I met up with two friends for frozen yogurt in a shopping center near a highway, and we were eating and laughing outside when a large doggie came up. I grabbed her collar, and we attempted to call his owner. Within a few minutes of that failed attempt, we had discovered that "Freebie" live a few minutes a way, loaded up in my sister's car and headed to return the dog. No one was home, so we hooked Doggie up and checked with one of the neighbors to make sure the dog still lived at the address listed on his collar. She did. A couple days later our friend who had called the owner and left the message received a call thanking us!
P.S. I am extra glad we did this because I have seen tons of lost dog signs in our area mostly for one dog and with a photo and award offered. I would want my dog or cat returned ASAP if it was seen wandering around.

Number 2: Church Picnic. My family's church always has a church picnic on Memorial Day with the main attractions being fried fish and sports. The sports have lagged the last few years with the famous church softball games almost disappearing. This time it was back in full force and thankfully most little kids were excluded from the adult game and had a game of their own later, so the adult game was quite competitive. I watched the two adult games which was fun.

Number 3: An arts and crafts fair/festival with my grandparents. One of the counties near us holds an annual art fair in the beginning of June. I went last year and loved it. This year's I will describe in a separate post.

I bought a Living Social for Krav Maga as did a sister and a friend. I skipped out on the first time they went to watch Star Trek with my brother. The second time I hadn't signed up, so hopefully tomorrow I will gather enough guts to go. From what my sister described, I doubt that I will enjoy it, but enjoyment wasn't the goal anyway...although I should have looked more closely into/thought more carefully about what I was signing up for :P


  1. For some reason, every break I make lists of great plans of things I will do, and instead I just end up wasting time. :P I decided last night that I actually have to start DOING things instead of sitting around watching YouTube videos all day.
    It looks like you've been filling your time pretty well! I am planning to spend my day reading, since I've hardly read a thing all during my break.
    Your clothes alteration looks super cute, and so perfect for summer! Your knitting looks lovely as well...I'm quite in awe of those cables.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  2. Thanks!

    I am loving reading because I hardly read during the semester...I was too busy fiddling around on the internet and watching the Lizzie Bennet diaries...

    I am rather in awe of the cables myself...this is the first time I have knitted them in a project (and I only ever knitted one before over 7+ years ago).


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