Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Christmas Surprise!

After our morning gift giving on Christmas Day, my parents had us clear away the massive mess on the floor (we could not see much of the floor) for the "big gift." We did so, then my mom sent me and the sister after me to our rooms. Something was brought in from outside, and everyone else was allowed to come into the family room. My sister and I were instructed to come downstairs with our eyes closed. When Mom let us open our eyes, this is what we saw:

This is mine; it is made of sassafras wood, so it has more grain lines and is more brown toned.

The dividing shelf/bottom is made of cedar, and we had some extra cedar blocks to use to keep the scent on our items.

This is my sister's; it is cherry, so it has less strong grain patterns (I think the pattern is like stone, marble particularly) and is more red toned.

These chests are made in the Shaker style. The dimensions are approximately 18x40x27 inches

My sisters have taken piano lessons from our parents' high school chemistry teacher's wife for years because Mom randomly met her teacher and mentioned lessons without knowing his wife's degree was music. He took up woodworking, and Mom had asked him during lessons if he could make us something, and they decided on these which he had also made for his daughters. Hearing this story gave a few previous comments more significance. Mom had asked us if we had a particular gift we were excited to give...well, now we know what hers was!

I had seen cedar chests in November when the ladies of Mom's extended family went shopping, and I seriously considered going back and getting one. I am glad I didn't, but it is funny that I had this item in mind so recently! I am so glad I can have a brand new hope chest which larger than most I have seen and made for me particularly!

I have wanted a Hope Chest for years, but I could never find the perfect one at the right time, and they cost sooo much! I could probably fill mine now with all the "hope family and future" stuff in my room ranging from our old baby clothes and stuffed animals to tea paraphernalia and sterling silver utensils from Peddler's Mall. I want to save most of the space for new and special stuff though, perhaps I could even collect things for my wedding such as vases and tablecloths. I think I might put my tea stuff in the bottom drawer, we shall see. I think I need to make a cushion to put on top of the chest both to protect it and make it into a seat.

Happy New Years! I am stuffing myself with my dad's homemade doughnuts (an Alton Brown recipe) and hiding from the crowd of our party for now.

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  1. Oooh, gorgeous hope chests! How exciting. My hope chest is in front of the windows in my room, but I actually don't keep much many "hope" things in it. I have a set of dishes, but they live in the attic. I have a few little thing, but mostly my hope chest is just full of other things.

    Happy 2014! =)


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