Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Chronology

We started off our Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve by seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug as a family. I loved it as did several/all of my sisters. My parents not so much, not sure about my brother. Anyway, us girls left on a handsomeness high pretty much.

After The Hobbit, we went to my mom's extended family gathering. Every adult draws a name during our Thanksgiving celebration and buys a $15-$20 gift for that person. 18 and under receive gifts from every family. The adults put a $1 gift in the stocking belonging to his/her sex, and then we draw names to see who wins the men's and women's stockings; this is usually a hilarious, competitive proceeding. The first year I was in the adults I won, I was allowed in at 17 with my 18 year old cousin (since he was only nine months older), and this year he won for his first time, and it is always fun when someone wins for the first time or after a dry spell. We decided to add another exchange next year. Everyone buys two $5 dollar gifts for his/her sex, they will be numbered, and then numbers will be drawn. I love games and such like this. Anyway, I received Les Mis here.

When I got home, I found several packages I had ordered for myself which made me happy.

On Christmas morning our grandparents watched us open presents as a family because they had never seen us do that, and we have reached the period in which most of us buy gifts for each other as well as receiving them from our parents. We had our usual homemade cinnamon rolls thanks to Dad.

My grandparents left to prepare Christmas dinner, and a few hours later we followed. We had dinner, played Scattergories Catagories, and opened gifts. We then watched the short film Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas which my grandparents had recorded; it was hilarious. We came home and watched Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. 

Some friends came over on Thursday. Friday after a home-school volleyball league family night, we watched The Amazing Spider Man which my brother received from one of my sisters. Today is a major game day. Monday our family is going bowling and out to eat and us girls and Mom may be meeting with some friends. Our festivities continue with our annual New Year's celebration on New Year's Eve with Dad's homemade donuts.


  1. We just saw "Desolation" for the second time today. It was definitely better than the first part, but still room for improvement, I think. Too many orcs... the orcs really annoy me. Smaug is my favorite part, Benedict Cumberbatch's voice is awesome, and I love Martin Freeman! =D

    Your extended family gifting method sounds like so much fun!!

  2. Hmm, notify button is missing after commenting again...

  3. Okay, so the notify button only appears if I'm signed out of Google and have to log in during the commenting process. Interesting.


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