Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yarn Along

I am again participating in the weekly yarn along on this blog.

I finished the book from last week's link up, The Elite, but I am still working on the knitted top. I actually have three knitting projects on needles at the moment, so this time I am posting a different one (it is one I have worked on most recently and the one I am closest to finishing).

Nonfiction, yay for me! I finished Gatto's book Dumbing Us Down maybe a week or two ago. This book is more in depth. Um, the author seems a bit paranoid regarding government agendas, but then he knows and has read many more government sources than I have. I totally agree with his assessment of the results of public schooling, and as I am a former homeschooled student, a lot of the ideas regarding the negativity of public schooling are not new to me. I am not sure how helpful these books really are; they seem more damaging to a Christian homeschool crowd than otherwise because of the humanism and paranoia. Anyway, the pattern is a fairly simple pattern from Ravelry called Feather and Fan Shrug and it is freeeee!!!!


  1. Nothing beats a free pattern! Your project is looking real nice.

  2. Your shrug is going to be quite pretty and versatile in that yarn. It is always nice to have more than one project in the works.


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