Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yarn Along

 I am again, after a long hiatus, joining in the yarn along here.

I have not finished one of my other yarn along projects nor many of my other knitting projects, but once again I started something new. It is a baby blanket for a baby due in June. I don't know when the shower is (and did not even know there was going to be one when I started), so, to excuse myself, this project needed to be started.

The pattern is from ravelry here and is free of course. I chose only three, rather than four, colors and added an extra 24 stitches to the width, and it is still going to be narrow, but then I knit rather tight currently.

The book is Belinda by Maria Edgeworth. As our library's Maria Edgeworth collection is rather small, I had to obtain it via interlibrary loan, and it came from another state (I find that rather exciting). I have read Castle Rackrent, Ennui, The Absentee, and Ormond. The latter two I have to write reviews (for the Classics Club) on I think, but the former two I read years ago. Ennui is hilarious, the best so far. Castle Rackrent was boring, and I don't know if I understood everything. Edgeworth was Irish, although I think of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy, and from this rank she drew her subjects in the four I read. I need to pay attention to publication dates better for Belinda is set in London and is about English people and reads more like a Frances Burney novel (the three I read were published 5 to 23 years before Belinda) than like the previous Edgeworth novels I read although not quite so melodramatic as at least Cecilia and Camilla. I am reading the 1801 version I think or an early revision not the seriously revised 1810 version (which I think probably reflected the less decadent [than the Georgian standards] Regency standards and scruples). (I looked up the dates and except for Castle Rackrent the other Edgeworth novels I read were published 8-16 years after Belinda and contemporary to the Austen novels).

Anyway, enough on literature. Here are photos of the finished shrug:


  1. The blanket is beautiful. I'm just in love with blue hues at the moment ;-) and it brings out the pattern really nicely!

  2. The shrug is divine, both the colour and the pattern. Love the blues of the baby blanket.

  3. Love your colour choices and the pattern you've chosen for the blanket. Adding it to my Ravelry favourites!

  4. I accidentally deleted a comment after I published it because I was trying to delete an email (this is the 2nd time I have done this . . . stay away from the comment emails and wait until you get on blogger self!). I am sorry.

  5. I love the color of your shrug. Beautiful

  6. Are you on Ravelry? If so, what is your ID?

    Luv the Ravensclaw you made, but unable to locate it on Ravelry.


    1. I have not posted my projects to Ravelry, and I think the pattern I used might have not have been Ravenclaw. I used over 100 stitches and the pattern was 35 rounds blue, 3 gold, 5 blue, 3 gold, and I made 15 repeats plus 35 more rounds of blue. I think the yarn was around DK weight.


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