Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Seven

Christmas Day Continued: Mamau and Papau's and An Engagement

The outfit photo in the last post shows what I wore to Mamau and Papau's and above is the jewelry I wore (the earrings are Frozen inspired from etsy, but I did not see them for sale when I looked at the shop to link). We watched Maleficent. My brother left to propose to his girlfriend (he had given her dad a note for her Christmas stocking which told her meet him at a lake). We went to Mamau and Papau's and watched the Hallmark movie they recorded for us: Christmas Under Wraps (I think that is the name). Nick might be the best, at the least one of the best, Hallmark heroes ever. We ate a lovely meal of ham, deviled eggs, green fluff (I am not sure what is in it, and I do not eat it), and macaroni and cheese. We finished the movie and then opened gifts (my gifts are the other two photos).


  1. Love the earrings! How exciting for your brother and his fiancee, the ring is beautiful!

  2. The ring is beautiful isn't it? I just love looking at engagement rings. I love the earrings; I tend to wear dangling earrings, but if the studs are bigger they look better than the small ones.


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