Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Eight

Some of my New Year's Resolutions. 

I have written some down (and keep updating them even while typing this post), and even though I tried to keep myself reigned in . . . I still have too many, and I even want to expand on the ones I have (I tried to be general at times, so that I could fill in mentally or in this post and still have a compact list in my journal). I have about two pages in my new scrap-journal. Next time I think I will have one page and write a draft or something before writing it out.

Here are some of my categories and some of the resolutions in them:

~Get a better job/more hours.
~Take the GMAT (in March) and score high.
~Start my online Master's in Business.

~Start stretching regularly.
~Start exercising regularly.
~Start eating healthy.
~Lose some weight, go down a few sizes.
I do not know what my healthy weight would be because I obviously need to gain some muscle since I do not exercise, so I am not sure how much I would lose, but I want to look like I lost at least 20lbs.

Basically stop being a spendthrift!

~I need to be better at maintenance. My nails are almost completely neglected, and I want to get my first manicure and pedicure. And I really need to maintain my hair better.

~I want to work on my style and wardrobe and LEARN HOW TO ALTER.

~I want to be better with my book choices and comprehension. I probably should try to keep a book/movie/etc. journal. But I want balance in the entertainment category; I have other hobbies/skills that should not be neglected. Reading is a good pursuit, but at least in my section of the internet most people overdo it to the point of neglecting living and/or thinking to some extent. Reading (except in devotions) is a leisure activity. And of course I need to cut down on my computer time. I am considering getting off of Facebook. I might go through an analysis of my various social media/online accounts to eliminate some or at least see what worth they are to me. Various sites work differently for various people depending on circumstances, personality, self-control, age, etc.

Back to the subject of reading. I set my Goodreads Challenge lower this past year and then kept moving it up. I was six books short of my most recent increase. My intent was to read more larger books, but I did read some silly kids books. I enjoy juvenile fiction, but these were too juvenile, I think, even though part of a universe (Disney fairies) that I like (in theory anyway). I was still too focused on the the challenge and how many books I read. I am not doing the challenge at all this year. I need to focus more on WHAT I read plus allow myself plenty of rereads (I made out a list, but I am not sure I will make it more than a guideline) plus allow myself time to pursue other quality leisure activities.


  1. I agree that reading is a leisure activity, I sometimes wish it were something that I could spend more time with, but like you said, there are other things that shouldn't be neglected. Last year I was shocked to discover how much time I spent watching TV/movies, so this year I worked on making reading more of my go-to leisure activity, rather than browsing the internet or watching some mindless TV show. I also started keeping a book journal, and I've loved it! It helped me cement my thoughts to take a few minutes actually thinking it through and writing it down, and then I'll have it to refer to if I want to remind myself. I thought about getting on Goodreads but I was afraid that having to go to the computer for my reviewing would derail my attempts to spend less time on the computer. Do you recommend Goodreads? If you start a journal would it replace Goodreads for you, or is there something lacking in Goodreads that would be fulfilled by a journal?

    1. I like Goodreads to keep track of what I have read. I do not really write reviews on Goodreads much. I would write more in depth as I felt compelled in a book journal. I write better on paper and then could write, if I chose, blog post from a journal entry. A book journal would be more of a discipline rather than organization thing for me. For me these two things would not overlap. I also think I would like to use Goodreads more to look at other people's lists (those whose book recommendations I would trust) for more reading material. I think a Goodreads decision really depends on how you like to organize your to-reads, have reads, etc. or if you even like lists.

    2. I do like lists... I might have to try Goodreads soon. Thanks for your opinions!


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