Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Eleven

More Shopping During the Holidays

Clothes Mentor employees received $25 in Clothes Mentor cash for Christmas. I had some items in mind, so I spent that immediately. I also got a dress and two pairs of sunglasses for my sister. I think I paid $7 after the Clothes Mentor money.

For several weeks until the end of December Clothes Mentor has had a gift card promotion: for every $25 in gift cards you spend you get $5 in Clothes Mentor cash, and this cash doubles to $10 for the month of January. I spent $75 (on the 31st of course) to buy gift cards which I then immediately used plus paid $13 more. I now have $30 in Clothes Mentor cash to spend.

I bought 3 semi-formal dresses. Two just need to have some minor alterations and then I can wear them to weddings. The brown (which should have been a dollar; I will have to fix that tomorrow) I will just refashion. The green dress is church/bridal shower acceptable . . . after I change it from a large. I was hoping I could wear both of those skirts now, but the full one is rather loose (I could belt it) and then pencil is both tight and loose. I will see what I want to do with the other dress.

My alterations and refashion pile grows ominously large. I need both skills and more material for linings and such.

Also, I have a $20 gift card to Walmart from my other job, but I will probably use that for needs . . . maybe.

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