Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Journal and Hand Lettering Craze

Please ignore my corpse fingers, yikes. I want to learn calligraphy and fancy scripts; here I practiced some with gel pens. I have sort of tried out calligraphy over the years but never pursued it seriously.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Homemaking Binder

This is the pink version of my recipe binder, and I have made it my homemaking binder.

The content is varied; the first photo is an example of some notes from our church's Titus 2 studies while the second photo contains information linked on Pinterest. I will probably want several different binders. One for planning/cleaning/ meal lists, one for kids/medical, one for travel, etc.

But right now I am trying to compile useful information into one homemaking binder. Information about topics like food storage, future family information, moving ideas. I deleted Pins and boards and emails to myself of links after I put the information in this binder. I want to condense and sort through information, so that when I have my own home and family, I will have a point of reference. Obviously, anything medical related will need to be updated, but I think it is good to start with some kind of knowledge, some habits of preparation.

I have not worked on it much recently, and I need to work on it in a more serious manner and use more professional books and websites, but I need more pretty paper and pens first! And practice of elegant penmanship.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Recipe Binder

This assigned dish (with this crust) caused me to bring out my recipe binder 

. . . to fill out the recipe for my own use

I do not know if I mentioned this before, but last year I finally got seriously started on copying favorite recipes for my future family. You can see some scrap paper with a list of recipes that need copying. I am also trying to copy new recipes soon after trying them.

Years ago my grandmother gave me this recipe binder (I also have a few Susan Branch cookbooks). I now prefer a binder like this to loose cards in a box. I need get some more recipe page protectors. I would also like a recipe stand. We used to have a cast iron one; I would like something sturdy (for normal people anyway) and yet pretty like that.