Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Movies

Okay, so for some of these I just liked them previews.

Kingsman. Granted, this looks like it will probably be nothing much more than senseless violence, but I like adorable "genius level repeat offenders" and a British accent makes it so much better.

Tomorrowland. Has an excellent concept . . . which will probably be poorly executed

Cinderella. If this is not all it promises I shall be disappointed as looks perfectly Disney Cinderella.

Mockingjay Part 2 (I have not seen Part 1 as of now 1/23/15) I want to see darling Peeta as Peeta again and their sorta happy family. That is all.

Oh, yeah and I hear the Avengers are coming out with a new movie. How exciting. I wonder if it will be as dumb as the last one.

yours truly,

The Movie Pessimist. l.o.l.

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  1. Those previews appealed to me, too! I'm very disappointed in the rating Kingsman received for the violence and other inappropriate things, but I'm still a little optimistic about Tomorrowland, and I am EXTREMELY excited about Cinderella! I hope it's unmutilated perfection.

    I'm really looking forward to the second part of Mockingjay... if you haven't seen the first already, you may as well wait until the the second part is nearly available... unless you like cliffhangers inducing wild anxiety with a whole year before satisfaction! My mom enjoys the HG series with us, but she refused to go see the first Mockingjay film in theaters because she wants to see the whole movie without a year in between. ;)


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