Friday, February 20, 2015

Disney = Wonderful

I have heard some negativity towards Disney both in and out of the Christian settings. Please let us have our clean, sweet children's movies without too much critique. Yes, some Disney movies do deserve criticism but are not usually the ones that get it, and I am trying to be positive here although I am a little snarky when I feel like I am suBtly refuting criticism.

~Simple, old-fashioned honor, chivalry, and romance. No political correctness/agenda (do remember, there are exceptions). Super sweet romance. Honor. Sweetness and generosity. Honor. Evil is evil. Girls are girly, the men are dashing. Did I mention the characters are honorable?

~The stories are actually profound: do right, defeat evil, love your beloved, GET OVER YOURSELF. Nice and simple for children. There is no stopping for realism (i.e. cynicism), but just like many kids books, the stories portray that good and great things are possible. Simple, but sweet. For kids. Without philosophical conundrums as proper in juvenile movies.

~ The sidekicks are often charismatic personalities. 

~So many beautiful visual aspects. We see the interesting progression of animation through the princess movies. Every tale has its own unique and lovely castle. Many time periods and lands are displayed. And of course, the iconic dresses!

~The music is amazing 

We can choose from

Fun: "Under the Sea"

Epic: "The Circle of Life"

Adventurous: "I can show you the world"

Romantic: "Tale as Old as Time" and "At Last I See the Light" and "You'll Be in My Heart"

Nefarious (in a variety of forms): "Trust in Me"

Yay for Disney plus all the other lovely animated Princess movies such as Swan Princess and Anastasia!!!!

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  1. I agree so much! Thank you for saying this! I've found over the last few years just how amazing the Disney music is. It's really quite extraordinary to think about;)


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