Friday, March 6, 2015

Practical Fashion Needs: The Basics

I came across this book while looking for books on altering store bought clothing. I really need to invest in more high-quality items, particularly shoes and other accessories, and then I need to learn to launder and alter my clothes properly.

I am not very good about buying basics. I have a "buy what I like when I see it" mentality. This is good in part since I am so picky, so if I love an item I just need to get it, and also I can be careless when buying needs and end up with items I dislike, are unflattering, or are low quality.

Here are some accessory and outer/under-wear categories I have neglected or neglect now. Some of these are my personal basics based on what I have seen that I need or "need"; everyone will have some variety in items that are more essential than other items based on her own style, work/school situation, etc. I am just trying to give a basic idea of what I need as an example and also as a list for me. We need to have these things on hand BEFORE we need them. That is something I still have to grasp.

~Tights (I need these since I wear skirts and dresses, and I am much better right now, but these wear out fast).

~Pantyhose. I noticed that pantyhose are knitted different ways; apparently one way is more durable. I bought some sparkly pantyhose (Hanes brand, I think) that have lasted quite a while (for me).

~Neutral dress and work shoes. I want to try to get shoes that are high quality and made of real leather in some cases and that fit my feet well. I also need to get inserts. I need to balance style and care of my feet and wear more mid to low heels.

~Neutral purses. I work at Clothes Mentor which sells designer purses and I noticed some of them are real leather and reasonably priced. I need to be aware of all the options. I have been wanting to make some purses as well and so many free pattern options exist.

~Tanks for layering (I have this category fairly well covered now, but it could use expansion and items will wear out).

~Shorts for wearing under skirts (same as above pretty much).

~Scarves and more variety in types of necklaces (I still need to work on this). I have tried some more styling options. My favorite thus far is turning the scarf into a braided cowl (last year it was the woven look). I could also try this style too. I do like cowl necks, and Peter Pan collars would work on me too I think.

~Slips (yeah, not anywhere near in a good position). I bought this swimsuit pattern to use as a slip pattern because I like the simple style and wide straps. I am also think I could use this as a tank pattern too.

~Coats, cardigans, and wraps in all my neutrals and in dressy and work appropriate styles. I might eventually make a coat or a few, maybe with this pattern or this pattern or this pattern. I could possible modify patterns to look like these coats.

~Some silk long underwear (for future travels; I really could have used them for school, but I do not buy things ahead of time like I should).

~Belts, particularly wide ones.

I know all this seems quite obvious, but I am really picky and like to buy things that are perfect which is fine, but I need to just find what I like and buy it instead of waiting for a reason. I think every lady needs to decide/develop her own style and keep in consistent but not boring.