Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bookish Post One Billion and One

I think I wrote this the end of January and just did not schedule it.

I have been compiling a treasury of links of bloggers' book list. I want to keep adding to my running book lists.

I am not doing the Goodreads challenge; I am looking more at goals about types of books/reads rather than numbers. I found these two challenges via this blogger and this blogger (I think I will write is some ideas for books on them; for the over 500 I will count the book I am reading now, 1/31, Daniel Deronda). Please note that the Popsugar site is less than good. I might extend these over a year, so as to be reasonable rather than burdensome.

I won these bookmarks in this giveaway.

I cannot remember if I posted a photo of my sort of book journal; I think I did. I have been rather opinion lazy/exhausted/disgusted lately plus I have so very many projects I am always intending to do plus I have full-time hours between my two jobs (as of 1/31), so will we see if I have much to put in here. I would rather it be a as-inspired sort of journal (it has pages full of North and South book and movie commentary written in several installments). I love Barnes and Noble notebooks and journals and the Half-Price metallic art cover collection from which I own many.

I should like to finish my Classics Club list this year. I will not be repeating that challenge. I am more of a guidelines individual although this is less restrictive than many book challenges/lists.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More for the Sew and Alter Heaps

I wrote this months ago. I guess I meant to schedule it before the second computer went out of commission.

For the day when I have the time, patience, money (for materials to complete projects properly, classes, and etc.). Also for when my life meets above requirements, this looks interesting.

Clothes Mentor has frequent dollar days, so I picked up 4 items for my sisters/gifts plus 12 for me, most of which need alterations and at least 3 are for refashion. And an adorable polka dote tote for $3-4. I remembered to look at x-large and plus size offerings which provide more fabric for refashion.

And then Mom needed to go to Hancock Fabrics to pick up some fabric for "filler" quilt blocks (she has participated in a block a month club, and recently this inspired me with more quilting  interest . . . then I remembered that I already had some quilt pieces cut out for a new quilt . . . my simple nine patch STILL needs be finished). I went along and raided the $3 a yard sale table. And the store had McCall's patterns on sale. Along with thread and few other items I spent about $55 and bought 18 yards of fabric. Sooo, yeah.

As I laid out the second batch of clothes I thought that I could make a cute dress from the blue shirt with the darker striped skirt (edit: not sure I can do what I wanted; should buy men's shirts for that as they do not have darts). And I do not focus mainly on the brand, but when I look at color and material certain brands are the ones I invariable find. Some I know I like, some this is why I now know I like them. Talbots, J Crew, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana Republic, sometime The Limited (they do not have the same regularity of nice fabric though). I am not sure if I have ever shopped at Clothes Mentor without buying one of those brands.

I started a sale calendar on my dead computer, but I also want to write down more specific sales and see if I can time when some will happen. The $1 sale emails are sent the day of the sale, and it is preferable to arrive early, so I want to see if I can calculate from the emails. Despite the fact that there have been, I think, three dollar sales since I started working at Clothes Mentor I did not calculate the time between buy one get one, to buy one get two, and dollar. Plus I lost tons of items I wanted on ThredUp. Plus I have seen sales I really want to check out but ought not right now.

Friday, April 17, 2015


After two computer crashes, I am back with my very own, "bran-new" baby computer which I love to death already. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with purple type cover (of course). I will write more soon!