Monday, May 18, 2015

1940's Styles

When wishfully thinking about joining a sewing blog event last fall, I started looking at a 1940's style dress pattern. I have recently searched to find a similar, cheaper option and so, inadvently, introduced myself to 1940's styles. I have been amazed at the abundance of lovely necklines.

I have been less than thrilled with modern necklines. The oxford collar and v-neck are extremely unflattering for my sloping shoulders and small chest, respectively. Boat-necks and circle cuts can get boring (and need decently sized necklaces and scarves). I need interest up at top to balance my figure. Cowls, yokes, ruffles, bows, and square necks are few and far between. Gathered necklines are often combined with raglan sleeves which make my sloping shoulders look more sloping.

I have tried to start collecting patterns with lovely neckline details, and I was amazed at how many options which are flattering to me are available in 1940's pattern collections: Peter pan collars, bows, sweetheart , yoked, gathered square, square, peasant/gathered circle, ruffled, scalloped button placket.

And I ordered a 1940's pattern from ebay!!!! I will show display it soon!


  1. Almost everything vintage is so lovely! I particularly like sweetheart necklines, too! Can't wait to see the results of the pattern you ordered! =D

    1. Not sure when I will sew something from it; I tend to have a when-I-dream sewing collection.


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