Friday, May 29, 2015

Practical Fashion Needs: Infrequently Needed Items

I have thought about this topic because I have felt the need over the past year or so rather acutely. Sometimes we think that because we can rarely use something we ought not to have it, and then we are flustered when an event leaves us unprepared (or at least my family and I do :/). For example, in our family we have had some trouble with wedding attire. The last wedding we attended three of the females in our family bought dresses the day of the wedding because we happened to have race at an outlet mall. I did not find anything and was less than pleased with what I did wear. I have got to just get what I need before I need it already because I am SO picky! When I do have one aspect of an outfit that I need I may not have all the accessories to match (or I may only have an accessory).

Special Events.

~Dresses in enough variety that if one attends a wedding one will not match the wedding party

~Neutral shoes for winter and summer

~Neutral clutches, wraps, and dressy enough coats



~I personally do not find those outfit and packing suggestions on Pinterest helpful because they do not suit my style, and I know I do not have enough to mix and match so easily, but I know that lots of girls do have styles that easily lend themselves to this orderliness so be sure to look up mixing and matching options; the sort of 30 for 30 on a small scale.

~A cross body small purse or two with a practical, zippered or other tightly closed style in my neutrals. I have small purse, but it is more of a hand/arm bag which is not the greatest for travel, it is smaller on the inside than it could be for its size, it is pink, and it only snaps shut which is not secure enough for travel.

~Cute and practical shoes. I hate athletic shoes for anything but their intended purpose. For airports, a slip on style is practical. I want to find a dressy style for site-seeing. Surely something exists.


~I want Mary Jane types of shoes for hiking and walking outside and in the water on vacations.

~Obviously shorts and pants are the safer, more modest, more practical option for many activities. White short do not deserve all the aforementioned adjectives, so I really need some shorts. Except I do not want to buy shorts for my fat self which is incidentally as the the reason why I did not want to wear jeans and why I started wearing mostly skirts. Now, I just prefer it . . . at the moment.

~Hats. My mom always tried to get us to wear hats in the woods in an attempt to keep off ticks. I would like a nice floppy sunhat for the beach. A smaller hat for hiking and ballgames is probably necessary too although I cannot think of a cute option other than a sort of Easter/old-fashioned style hat which is old-ladyish. I could just burn. Which side of vanity wins?

~Oh, yeah swimwear. I hate this category. The end.

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