Tuesday, June 30, 2015


So, I did make a drop-in-the-ocean kind of dent in my alterations pile.

I turned this dress

Into this skirt.

I took the small "bodice" off the skirt. I was just intending to "hem" the ruffle left by the fabric above the elastic shirring, but instead I added elastic after taking out some of the elastic shirring that had come un-sewn. Of course I made the elastic too tight, so it hurt my back/insides/waist, and after months of procrastinating I fixed that, easily of course for all that stalling.

I have more recently produced the below skirt which is also a dress-to-skirt alteration although a bit more complicated and less satisfying since I have to cover this waist treatment with a belt.

 I cut the top off the dress (it was basically a sack), stitched the lining to the skirt (I left an opening on the top for the elastic, but now I realize I should have done it the way instructed for the below skirt), and sewed below that seam to make a casing.

Then I altered a skirt that I had made. I took about 20" out of it, and it is much more flattering now. I do not know if I ever posted about this skirt or not, but here is the tutorial. Imagine the possibilities! Airy silk, long maxi, pouf-y velvet.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Art Festival

I attended an art fair/festival with my grandparents one week-end recently. We went together last year also. So. much. fun. and. family time. I think we should officially make it a tradition since we all enjoy it so.

I cannot post photos of all of my purchases due to some of them being gifts (although I do not think that my sisters read my blog, but it would be my luck if they did read it and saw photos of presents!), but here are my goodies. Some of my favorite booths from previous years were not there, but I found plenty of new ones.

One day I will make an effort and post good photos, one day.

 Glass earrings
 Resin necklace. This was my favorite shop; I walked in, looked around for a few minutes, laughed and said, "I love everything!" All of it kind of looked liked colored, shimmering dewdrops.
Mosaic necklace.
Adorable little baby pottery vases. You cannot hardly tell from the "artsy" iPhone photo, but the one on the left is light green and the one on the right is soft blue.

Monday, June 22, 2015

More Vintage Patterns

More vintage patterns! The first and last two I bought on eBay. The middle one I bought on Etsy. Some of the eBay patterns were only a few dollars but do not expect that as it is probably a rare occurrences! And look at how tiny! I think all mine are 12 or 14 and since 14 has a 24" waist, I assume 12 has a 22" waist. I am not that small in the waist, but I do not think making the patterns a little bit larger could be that difficult. I probably need to copy them on sturdier paper, such as packing paper, anyway.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The 100 Foot Journey

I had heard about and read a little about this movie. Then my family bought it, and I thought I would get around to watching it eventually. After my sister got back from overseas, we had to catch her up on all the movies she missed (Cinderella, Despicable Me II), so she and my little sisters started watching it. I came downstairs to print something thinking I might watch it/watch some of it. I was drawn right in.

I really do not have much beyond fangirling to do. The movie was by no means grand. But it was totes preshcakes (sorry, I told you I did not have anything lucid and deep to say). The start is dramatic, France is pretty, Indian guys are handsome ('specially if they have dimples), the main girl's dresses are adorable and copycat-able, the Indian family is hilarious, the story is simple and sweet and flowed smoothly, and Hassan is adorable in everything. Happy? Watch it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

At Boarding School with the Tucker Twins

I just recently finished rereading this book and thought it deserved a feature here.

' "These are the Tucker twins, called Tweedles when you want both of them or aren't particular which one answers. This red-headed one is Dum; this blue-headed one, Dee. They have other official names, but somehow I can't remember them to-day. I am Jeffry Tucker, at your service, the father of the Heavenly Twins." '

I have loved this book ever since I first picked it up from my grandparents collection of antique books. I am not overly fond on antique books (or items really); decrepitude is not a favorite quality of mine, but I am glad I did peruse their shelves before my repugnance heightened; this was not my only find. I believe I have now read it three times since my first (skimming) perusal. It is just jolly. I love sweet, cheery, honest-to-goodness homey books that have just enough reality to be charming rather than petty or depressing or sordid. Like the Gene Stratton-Porter books, although do not expect that kind of brilliance in this book.

The novel is written and set in the Romantic/Titanic/Gibson/Edwardian era (as you can see from the cover). The main character narrator, Page, is sent to boarding school for socialization and at the train station meets a jolly family with a young, handsome father Jeffry Tucker (whom everyone at first sight thinks is the brother) and twins her age whom he introduces to her as the Tweedles, Dum and Dee, saying he cannot remember their real names; they in turn call him Zebedee. If that whimsical jolliness does not endear you to the book I do not know what will (one of the reasons I first like Little Women was the fact that girls calledtheir mother "Marmee" and Jo called Laurie "Teddy"; I also love that she calls him Mr. Toodles later too, and he in turn comes up with Daisy and Demi). Page only finds out their real names later. The girls meet more friends, befriend boys from the boys' school nearby, make an enemy, get into and out of scrapes (of the twins causing), and generally bounce their way through their first year at boarding school.

"Mr. Tucker called it tweedling when the girls spoke in chorus as was their habit."

Despite my initial/overall dislike of antique books, I now wish to have the old copies of the rest of the set. I looked and looked online for modern copies and when I bought the next in line and looked through it, I was not happy with it, and now I think I want to wait to read it until I can get my hands on an older copy. I feel like part of the charm is in the old book, plus the typing, editing, and layout of the new copy is at best, utterly pathetic and it disrupts the flow of the story.

' "An' is this your pa? Well, save us, ef you don't look more like somebody's great-grandson than anybody's pa."
"Well, they do treat me like a stepson, sometimes, Mammy, laughed Mr. Tucker." '

Oh, and did I mention that the book is hilarious?

' "Yes, he did hook them from you," said Dum, making her appearance like a whirlwind. "Zebedee is great on that. He steals girls gloves and gives them to Dee and me. We never have to buy any. All the girls get him to hold their gloves for them and then he brings them home to us and we divide them up. Here yours are. Zebedee did not know whose they were, but we recognized the perfume you are so fond of. They are too big for us, so we were not going to row over them." '

Read it.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Last month I placed and received my first Twice order. The company had a 40% off offer for first time shoppers (I would suggest waiting until this offer re-occurs; it is going on right now on 5/24). I have noticed that I sometimes shop in color themes, not intentionally (nor would I recommend doing it intentionally as you might miss out on other colors).

 Yes, I will be re-fashioning this jacket; I did not pay attention to size which is fine, but I usually intentionally buy bigger sizes; this time I was surprised.

This was a Clothes Mentor purchase. I am trying to buy better shoes and get rid of super high heels. Unfortunately the white shoes hurt pretty bad. They are Coach, so I want to try to sell them on ebay.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Color Fans and Fashion at Clothes Mentor

I paid for a (too) expensive color fan from Color Me Beautiful. I do not wholly agree with the colors. I still think it works better if I try the outfits on to check the effect of the color on me. I eliminated two clothing items this way for my last purchase. I need to do that more often (and try on for flattering style as well)!

I love dressing the manikins, particularly when I do a good job :) Here are a few of my better earlier outfits.

The above is quite my style.

Here are my latest efforts. 

For the first set my manager asked me to find dresses to match two purses and when I picked the first two outfits, she then asked me to find a pink dress. I had one instantly in mind (because I wanted and later bought it after I remade the display). We had nicer necklaces behind the counter, so my manager wanted them on the manikins. I suggested we put them both on the maxi because I liked the other two necklaces for the other manikins.

I think the above maxi sold and then perhaps also the next one I put up and the peach dress; at least they sold or were put away wrong. I did not see the orange in the correct spot, but then our dresses are so crammed on the racks. Anyway, so that called for a new display.

This is all mine except for the designer necklace on the right maxi (that maxi sold after only a few days) which I kept from the previous arrangement.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Music Man

We went and saw two high school/middle school theater productions in the past few weeks. One was Pride and Prejudice which I must say was rather mediocre, especially in light of the second production. I do not think the story lends itself well to play format anyway though.

The other performance was The Music Man. I had heard of the movie, but opted out of joining my family to see it as I wanted to spend my coveted evening working productively (which miraculously I did), and because I did not know the story. But when my family came home they were effusive. I have a habit of missing the really brilliant high school plays (I am still furious with myself for missing two performances when I was in high school; the home-school theater glory days it seemed until now).

The next evening we went out to dinner, and I brought up the musical. Mom said one of my sisters wanted to see it again. So my three little sisters piled into my car, and we claimed a front and central view. I am so glad I could see it. We knew several of the principle actors, and they did such a good job. The whole performance was just darling. I had heard of a few of the song titles, and perhaps part of one of the songs before.

I soon ordered the movie and Broadway soundtrack from the library, and the ladies of the family watched the movie together. I preferred the little people's version, but I still enjoyed the movie and would like to see it on Broadway (with a younger, handsomer music man).

Anyway, I have a new song to add to my scanty repertoire of songs which I like: "Goodnight My Someone"

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vintage Buys

I mentioned in a previous post that I ordered a vintage pattern.

Here is the pattern sleeve. I cannot find a date, but the ebay listed stated 1940's. All the pieces are pre-cut, yay! The pattern is just one (too small) size, but I think I can enlarge it fairly easily.

Look at those neckline and waistline details!

I bought these 1960's sterling silver earrings on etsy. They are so elegant. I think I want to wait until I have the proper new outfit with which to wear them. I will also try to polish them with baking soda.