Friday, June 5, 2015

Color Fans and Fashion at Clothes Mentor

I paid for a (too) expensive color fan from Color Me Beautiful. I do not wholly agree with the colors. I still think it works better if I try the outfits on to check the effect of the color on me. I eliminated two clothing items this way for my last purchase. I need to do that more often (and try on for flattering style as well)!

I love dressing the manikins, particularly when I do a good job :) Here are a few of my better earlier outfits.

The above is quite my style.

Here are my latest efforts. 

For the first set my manager asked me to find dresses to match two purses and when I picked the first two outfits, she then asked me to find a pink dress. I had one instantly in mind (because I wanted and later bought it after I remade the display). We had nicer necklaces behind the counter, so my manager wanted them on the manikins. I suggested we put them both on the maxi because I liked the other two necklaces for the other manikins.

I think the above maxi sold and then perhaps also the next one I put up and the peach dress; at least they sold or were put away wrong. I did not see the orange in the correct spot, but then our dresses are so crammed on the racks. Anyway, so that called for a new display.

This is all mine except for the designer necklace on the right maxi (that maxi sold after only a few days) which I kept from the previous arrangement.

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