Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yarn Along

I have not participated in one of these in forever; I am linking up here again.

I am working on this skirt in a cotton silk blend yarn. I am planning on lengthening it a couple inches. I am rereading Northanger Abbey; this is supposed to be a light distraction while I try to make my way through the Pickwick Papers.

Well, it is finally finished. I still do not have blocking boards, so I had to block it on a towel. It is still uneven, oh well. I am soooo glad it is done. It has kept me from starting new projects. I have more baby things to knit which I need to start soon, so they will be done before the babies arrive and so they will not take up all of my knitting energy.

I also finished the lace neckerchief I was working on, but I do not want to post that until I can block it properly.

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  1. The baby blanket is fabulous and the skirt will be lovely.


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