Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Sweater

As usual I did not meet my deadline (the baby shower) although  I was close (and I did gift it before the baby was born). I completed the knitting, but the sweater was still quite wet on the blocking board. I embroidered fabric and made covered buttons.

Per usual, I took a while finding a yarn and pattern to suit me. I ended up modifying this pattern by using different edging and motif. I love the way it looks except for the stockinette edge; I should have modified that part better.

This was my first raglan sleeve sweater and my second baby sweater.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Mini Book Review Collection 1

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Here is my rambling, incoherent Goodreads review: Hmm. I think the historical fiction aspect well-written; I mean it could conceivably have been written at least in Dickens' time if not perhaps in the actual time. The fairy and later magic felt authentic/similar to other fairy fiction and what little study I have done of Celtic mythology/fairytales. But I disliked the earlier Black Magic, as differing from fairy and mythology type actions which is disturbing in a distinct, violent way. I also felt that for the slower, calmer pace at the beginning and the overall, the end was discordantly fast and dramatic. I understand the change in part to go with the story, but it was too much, too fast for good artistry. I also felt that many complexities in many characters were hinted at but not developed/delivered. Also, I disliked the ending. It was too weak to cause hate but rather contempt. I enjoyed it while I read it until the end. I think 2.5 perhaps. Not worth a reread, I do not think, just perhaps a skimming.

Cute, but more notable to me because the author's mention prodded me to try add some E. Nesbit books to my library stack.

The Red House Mystery
Not brilliant but fun and less ridiculous than Christie. I must have a thing for grey-eyed, 30-something, fastidious upper-class detectives. I picked this from this list of mysteries.

A Long Walk to Water
A tough subject, and new to me so enlightening. Overly simplistic and not artistically managed. Picked for my best-seller book on my 2015 book challenge.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yarn Along

I am knitting the Moonrise shawl as a selfish interlude between baby knitting projects. I also have a Christmas project in the works. I am trying Never Let Me Go; I am not sure if I will stick with it or not, I just burned myself on a book. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Touch of Elegance

I bought a little something I had been eyeing for a while in this store (I wanted to buy tons more jewelry, but I was good, at least temporarily) to wear in my hair for my brother's wedding.

Again, my horrid photography does not do the subject justice. Here is the store photo. Also, the hairpins came in such darling little bags.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vogue Knitting

I remember years ago picking up a Vogue Knitting Magazine and seeing two lace items which I adored (this was when I only dreamed of knitting lace). I finally tracked down the issue and ordered it and a few others (one can see some of the patterns in each issue on Ravelry to determine if one wants them . . . ). There were even more patterns that I liked than I expected. YES!

I normally am not super thrilled with knitting magazines and even a lot of pattern books, but Vogue Knitting has intermediate to advanced patterns with unique styles rather than the majorly simplistic styles in some of the magazines. Put "Vogue" in the name and voilà, professionalism . . . Vogue sewing patterns are the best modern patterns in U.S (please, someone make ALL Marfy patterns more easily available to us in the U.S.!).

Fall 2012, Fall 2010 (the one with the adored lace garments), and Early Fall 2012, respectively. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Shawl and Kerchief

Forgive my photos. At least I am using my camera :/
I tell you, blocking is MAGIC. I love the way these look . . . and of course you cannot tell with my horrifying photos. I will finish my photography class and invest in more lenses at some point, I promise. Digital literacy, people, I have got to master this.

 The teal kerchief was so tiny, but I managed to block it to a more visible size. I want to buy enough yarn to knit the full-size pattern at some point because it is gorgeous and unique.

This is brighter in reality and glossy and sumptuous and lovely!!!!! Again, I love the pattern and will use again. I have so many shawl patterns that I want to try though!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some Movies We Have Watched Over the Past Few Months

Okay, so the title is probably going to be longer than the post . . .

We watched the Disney animal animated Robin Hood which was cute for about 30" and then I was bored, especially because I kept thinking about the BBC's Robin Hood.

We rewatched The Emperor's New Groove for the first time (for me) in like a decade. Again, I did not find it uproariously funny. Kinda funny, but a little tedious also. I have started to label certain types of humor as funny-for-those-who-like-Princess-Bride. Like, most of the Studio C sketches; do not get me wrong, some are hilarious, but most fit the above category or the wow, this is gross/embarrassing categories.

We watched How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2. Cute, sweet, a teeny bit funny but sorry, missing the "awww" and "wow" and "dying of laughter here" factors for me.

We bought Cinderella the day it came out on DVD. That movie is precious.

The Legend of the Guardians. Um, how did I not know Chris Pine voiced Jack Frost until we watched it?! Pretty cute, a little funny but not awing. Still need to see a few more Disney/Pixar or similar type movies (Inside Out, Epic, Megamind, and perhaps Big Hero 6 and Brave). Some rewatches are in order too.

Wedding Daze. A really goof Hallmark movie with a hilarious dad. Gearing up for the Christmas season. I hope there is at least one gem this time around.

Avengers: Age of Ultron. I did not like the first Avengers movie. This one was FAR less tacky (while still majorly tacky) BUT blasphemous and mocking of Judeo-Christian worldview and wow, is Stark vulgar. Yeah, there were a few more suggestive/vulgar episodes. It was also kind of hilarious how they all pretended to care for civilians after all the "collateral" damage of the previous films because they all had to be in cities (I wonder if this "caring" was a reaction criticism of the other films). Also, it felt like they were (until the end) only selectively saving civilians. There is a reason why the Pentagon is not right in the center of D.C. I feel like the Captain America, Avengers, and Iron Man movies are far too melodramatic for their time frame. I am a Thor and Amazing Spider Man girl. They are sweeter with less vulgarity and tackiness while still containing humor.

The Phantom of the Opera. I loved Christine and Raoul's voices. But when the Phantom is horrible, the overall feel is rather pathetic. I watched this with my little sister and kept saying things like, "Wait until you hear the 25th anniversary version." The movie did have more from the book though like the visiting of the cemetary although I think they added in the fight between Raoul and the Phantom. Also, I feel like Christine was portrayed as being more "in love" with the Phantom than in either the book or theatre versions. There were other added details as well. Oh, yeah, and Ciarán Hinds starred in it as well.

Speaking of embarrassing celebrity "singers" some of my sisters and I started re-watching Les Misérables. We did not finish. I want to try a theatre version. but I do not think I will like it as much as The Phantom; I do not think that the musical is as good overall.