Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Belated Valentine's Post

This Studio C video is just awesome. I haven't been overwhelmed by a lot of their recent videos (actually, most of the videos are misses or meh for me, but the ones that are good, are REALLY good). This one is worth treasuring up and savoring.

Also, I love songs that have a pleasant connotation for me, even if it is a silly one. Someone posted a popular cover of Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love." I recognized the song although I did not know from where and hadn't known it was an Elvis song, what the title was, or anything. When I looked up more covers, the ad on one cover video ended up being the very place I had first heard the song. I just love the ad; it is so cute and the song is so perfect for it.

I also love "Moonlight Sonata" because of that scene in Persuasion (I do not know that I had even heard it before that and "Turkish March" at least partially because of Pride and Prejudice (I know I had heard that before though).

I forgot to ask my grandparents to record all the Hallmark Valentine movies that played back-to-back Sunday, but we did watch a Hallmark on Saturday. Also, I got chocolate from my mom and my piano teacher (I am back to piano lessons after a break of close to a decade). Of which I still have some left since I am trying to use Fitness Pal to lose weight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Business Fashion

This is an important topic for me since I am trying to work my way into a more professional office environment and to pursue a graduate degree in business. Technically I am supposed to wear business casual, but that category has a great variety of definitions.

I researched business and business casual dress in preparation. In my mind I wanted a bit softer colors, no suit coat, and more variety in blouse colors and styles but otherwise like business formal/professional. When I saw in actuality what others wore and what fit me and looked again online I relaxed this a bit out of wardrobe necessity. Neutral non-pencil skirts, a teal dress, a grey dress, sweaters.

Oh, yes. Pants are not business formal/regular business or whatever you want to call it. . . . neither are dresses. Dark skirt-suits with white/light blouses and skirt hitting the knee, pantyhose, leather moderate heeled pumps with closed toes, and simple, classic jewelry is the outfit expected/required.
And what I need to work toward . . . you know, dress like the job you want not the job you have.

I want to wear pencil skirts and suits (I have gorgeous silk blend cocoa skirt-suit I bought consigned, but looks new which I want to have altered to fit) in softer colors (brown is not business formal nor is lighter grey) with silk blouses, silk knit tops perhaps. Keep dreaming, you will have to get the job you want first to pay for all that :/

And oh, the pantyhose drama. You have to have it match your skin or it is extremely unprofessional and tacky. Also, you have to have a ton on hand because of runs. I have to order online to get pantyhose to both match my skin and not run easily. I tried wearing Berkshire 4415 which come in a variety of colors. They seem sturdier; obviously they will run if snagged, but they do not feel as fragile as some which seem to run if touched . . . or looked at! The downsize is that they are not super-stretchy; they are crisp and the feet are shaped and can pool a bit although I think they improved with washing. I gave up after I ruined all my pairs of this brand and switched to tights for the winter, but I will have to try again for spring. I think I will just have to be satisfied with only a couple wears.

No make-up is almost as unprofessional as too much or tacky make-up. I usually wear foundation, powder, and mascara, sometimes light eyeliner. I have more difficulty with my hair. When I straighten it, the style can last several days, but the days that I do not use heat (trying to be gentle on my hair here; I already have a frizz problem, especially since I have to pull back my bangs since I am growing them out, again) I am hit or miss; I need to pick a few styles and stick with them. I feel like hair makes or breaks one's look.

I also am trying to minimize my preparation time without harming my look. I am just a pokey person in the morning, so I feel if I streamline my process a bit more, I could cut off some time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More Vintage Patterns

I have a problem. I need to just SEW. Also, do you like my fascinator? It is for another collection of items apparently for observation-only: hats.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Laura Ingalls Wilder Blog Party

I came upon this blog party, and decided to join because I just read Rose Wilder Lane: Her Story (a less-fictionalized, but still fictionalized, version of the last book or so of the Rose series and the years after). 

1. How did you discover Little House?
I grew up hearing my Mom read them to me. I was a little pioneer girl. Mom made or helped me make a pink sunbonnet from The Little House Sewing Book, and I had a dress or two that were my pioneer dresses. This was also the period of the Oregon trail computer game. I also wore my hair in two braid much of this time although how much The Little House series influenced that I do not know.

2. Which Little House series have you read? Which are you favorite? (Laura, Martha, Rose, etc.)

I enjoyed the Martha, Charlotte, and Caroline ones (I am still so disappointed the first two series did not get finished). Granted, the writing quality of the first two mentioned is much lower, but I felt the stories were more interesting.

3. Have you read any "extra" Little House books? (non "canon", cookbooks, song books, craft books, little kid books, etc.)

Our library had the sewing book (not the craft book), which I think the (inferior) craft book replaced. I would like to get my hands on a copy. I made several of the sunbonnets, part of the braided "rug," and my sister made the lace-edged handkerchief (I might have also, I do not quite remember). I loved hearing the descriptions of the fabrics (particularly the calico) and the dresses sewed in the books and seeing the dresses on the covers. Early examples of my love of fabric and fiber.

4. Have you read any biographies/autobiographies about Laura or any of the Little House girls?

Other than the first mentioned book, no, but I would like to read some this year (I am trying to make this year my break into a steady non-fiction diet).

5. If you could be in any character's place, who would you choose and why?

Probably Martha's. I mean a Scottish Laird's daughter?!

6. What's your favorite Little House ship? (AKA couple)

I have to say Martha and Lewis, I think. 

7. What's your favorite Little House book? Cover?

I will stick with the original series. These Happy Golden Years for the book. I like that cover, but I also like the covers of On the Banks of Plum Creek and Little Town on the Prairie.

8. If you could invite any secondary character from any of the Little House books over for dinner, who would you choose and why?

Paul, in order to ask what happened to his life after that horrible Rose ruined it.

9. Have you watched the Little House TV show? If so, do you enjoy it?

A long, long time ago. Yes, to a certain extent, but I think even then the inaccuracies bothered me.

10. If you could watch a YouTube miniseries on any Little House book or series, which would you choose and how would the basic plot go?

Martha's or Laura's story would be the most interesting. I think the plot could be the same but condensed.