Friday, May 13, 2016

Jamberry: The First Real Trial

I had heard of Jamberry before but never seriously looked into using them. After reading about the wraps on this blog, and entering this giveaway, I received a few free samples (not via winning) and tried one wrap as an accent and liked it. Whereupon my sisters said, "Why didn't you get them from so-and-so." At which I pleaded my ignorance.

I bought some wraps for my brother's wedding and then did not end up using them. I started to try them another time, but I chose to over-complicate the procedure and did not apply the wraps.

For Easter, I finally decided to try the wraps sans complicated measuring and trimming. I applied them the night before in order to let them stick for hours before using my hands. But I had to remove and readjust my placement, so I had some bubbling. Also, I doubt these will last as long for me as many state they last for them because I did not exactly follow procedure (how does one file them off exactly?!), and because I am rough on my hands (one of the reasons I wanted to try them; when I paint my nails, they are chipped the day of the application).

Anyway, the photo is on the late afternoon of day 4 and does not showcase the ugly issues. Although one person pointed out that sparkly does kind the bubbling. This is Pixie which as you can see is more purple in real life (I like that they have showcase of Instagram photos, so you can see how the wraps look on people; I also Google each wrap for more photos as I made my choices).


  1. Ah! yes, Jamberry nails. I haven't actually worn them myself, but Mom has and she likes them. I want to try them because my nail polish always chips on the day of application as well.

  2. SUPER CUTE! I like how easy it is to stick nails on. Polish is always a bit of a pain!


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