Thursday, June 30, 2016

U.S. Southwest Survey Vacation: Utah

After leaving California we drove through Nevada (only item worth mentioning is that we drove through Las Vegas . . . not nearly as large as I thought) and Arizona again (through a lovely, very close gorge of the Virgin River) and then Utah (where we stayed at the creepiest hotel of the trip).

We climbed on large rocks to the view the sunset at Pioneer Park which also featured an old jail in the rocks. The next morning we drove to Zion National Park and walked/hiked a couple trails. Then we headed to Arches National Park for quick photos.

Pioneer Park 

Zion National Park

Arches National Park

Friday, June 24, 2016

U.S. Southwest Survey Vacation: Goodbye, San Diego

When not at the zoo or hotel or running a mini, we visited Ocean and Dog Beach, Mission Beach (first two photos), and La Jolla cove (the rest of the photos). We briefly stopped at the beach there but decided Mission Beach was nicer so went there instead. Mission beach was the nicest, but we liked to watch (from the supposedly clean Ocean Beach) the dogs run and play on their beach.

I loved how near we could get to all of the adorable roly-poly sea lions (and maybe seals; I know for certain that seals are in the last photo since we saw one with its awkward flopping). I was surprised it was allowed, but someone in charge was watching and called out to maintain a distance. One baby sea lion was snoozing so close to the stairs it could have gotten stepped on; I thought it was one of the rocks at first. Some of the sea lions complained or snarled at people who got too close. I loved the furry looking ones and felt like I could pick up one and squeeze it (I love furry animals especially).

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Style Icons

I read and see so many people trying to imitate a few of Audrey Hepburn's looks. All of the ones I can remember do not have the Winter coloring necessary for wearing black; read color experts, not everyone can wear black. Most do not have her body shape. Style icons look good oftentimes because at the very least, their clothes are tailored to them, but also because they have a signature style or wear their proper colors or styles.

I think it is a good idea to look for inspiration, but do not limit yourself to style icons, look in movies, blogs, history books. Look for inspiration (for your body type, coloring, and style type) not imitation (this is what bothers me about those who wear vintage without modernizing it; they look in costume). Style icons are famous for their unique looks.

I know I have mentioned this blog ad nauseam, but it really does have it all. Fit, body shape (more than the unrealistic four or so one usually sees listed) coloring, signature style, sheen versus texture, texture versus softness (for touch sensitive people), color contrast, value contrast, body proportions, capsule wardrobes, face shapes for hair styles and jewelry types, etc.

Friday, June 17, 2016

U.S. Southwest Survey Vacation: San Diego Zoo Part 2

 "Hi, Sven!"

"Hello, Mumford."

This jaguar rolled around and stretched right by the edge for several minutes which was quite fun.

See the tongue peeking out?

This cheetah jumped up when he/she saw a tour truck and came right up to look at it and then ran along the cage following it. The cheetah was too active/restless plus there were too many large signs to get great shots.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yarn Along

I am linking up here again.

I usually have several books going, but I do not always read them at the same pace or evenly split my time between them. Recently, I have given the same attention for this stack although I will probably speed up the Patricia St. John book (Rainbow Garden; you can barely see the book). I am re-reading Jane Eyre  for this read-along which is averaging about 2 chapters a week. I need to speed up my reading of Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America, a 900 pages (not counting end extras) historical scholarly monograph about early America, because it is a library book.

I have finished all the knitting on my sister's Katniss Cowl, and the pieces are drying on my blocking boards. I will have more details about the patterns and tutorials that I used once I am finished. That bit of fluff I am currently knitting is another Holden Shawl.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

U.S. Southwest Survey Vacation: San Diego Zoo Part 1

We arrived in the cold and rain and bought rain ponchos and hopped on a bus tour. Soon after the tour ended, weather changed for the better, and we walked around the zoo and took the shuttle bus for most of the day. So many animals were quite active, and we saw quite a few baby animals. I did not, unfortunately, get good panda photos; Mama Panda was quite stressed and was pacing, and the other panda was not out in his cage.

My favorites; the little girls said we saw these three times. I do not care. I want a baby meerkat; they are so furry and tiny I wanna die!

These otters put on quite a show playing with each other.

Purple is one of my favorite colors, and we say these gorgeous trees all over San Diego (apparently Mr. Tortoise considers the flowers a delicacy).

The koalas slept all bunched up like that for most of the time, but we saw two briefly snuggling/grooming.