Monday, June 27, 2016


I cannot remember exactly how I found Sseko sandals (pronounced Say-Ko), maybe via search. But I had them in the back of my mind for our trip. I dislike regular flip flops, too tacky and casual. But I obviously cannot walk around in heels without tearing up my feet. I spent considerable time looking at Ecco sandals also, but I could not find just quite perfect plus Ecco is expensive.

Anyway, I loved the affordability of these (and the bases are leather), plus the multiple style and color options (and some ribbons are silk). And since I gradually came to the realization that I need to have wide widths for my toe area, I liked that these sandals are adjustable.

I have been loving the nude look to elongate the legs (mine are embarrassingly disproportionately short). So I went with beige flat sandal base (I hope they decide to make the wedges in beige too; that would be WONDERFUL, and I am going to ask about it). And different nude laces, which may seem boring to those who want colorful variety, but I liked it with the different textures of the silk and lace and the variations in the neutrals. Chic. I have some light grey narrow silk ribbon I might try with these also.

Although this is not a point in my choice, this program promotes ethical fashion and aid to women in Africa. I have been hearing considerably information in the blogosphere about ethical fashion.

Here is a give $15, get $15 referral link.

Here I am wearing my almond silk ties. They come with black ties (I wish we could pick options as I don't wear black).

 I think this is my favorite tying method thus far as it is the most comfortable and enables the easiest shoe removal and replacement (once tied). I wore my shoes every day on our trip (except the Grand Canyon day) including mild hiking (not recommended especially not with the traditional tie, I think I strained my toes a bit) and beach bumming. The ribbons are very washable, but I do need to invest in proper leather care products (I am thinking at least beeswax). I would recommend trying out tying methods for comfort and for (once tied) ease in shoe removal and replacement if you are going to be taking your shoes off and on frequently (on the beach) or need to get ready to leave quickly in the morning.


  1. Those shoes are really cute!!!!! I love your blog design! I am your newest follower!!

    1. Thank-you. I would like a custom design at some point, but I was really pleased with this simple template purchase.


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