Monday, July 25, 2016

Easter Outfit Take 2

I was working on my dress and remembered an idea from Pinterest. I would have loved to have a polka dot, but I found a lace top too late for Easter which ended up being fine as I finished the dress too late as well.

I used Simplicity 1607. I had to alter the princess seams a bit to fit my small bust. The neckline gaped; I wonder if I adjust the shoulders (to fit my sloping shoulders) the neckline would gape less? I bought the lace top via Ebay. I love that I can make several different outfits out of this dress if I wanted.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Easter Outfit Take 1

This was plan B. I had a polka dot strapless dress. I thought I needed to buy fabric, but, when moving projects, I found I could use pieces from a linen skirt I bought for a dollar years ago. I had to do quite a bit of rethinking, and I had to hand sew the final straps onto the dress to avoid taking the dress too far apart. Then I finally finished my lovely moonrise shawl which matched closely enough.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Interior Decorating Dreaming

I have always loved HGTV, but sometimes it has dry spells of good shows, and I have dry spells of interest. We watched a lot of HGTV on vacation with our favorites being Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. Humor+Family business+Fixer Uppers=fun and inspiration.

I also like the tiny house shows as tiny houses have intrigued me since I first watched an internet video about a high-schooler building one. I do not want that extreme for myself, but I am trying to weed out some excess and wondering how to find a balance in a world of excessively huge houses.

Whenever I get married or start a real job, my ideal situation is to have as small a mortgage as possible by buying a tiny fixer-upper. I am so picky that I think I need a fixer-upper, so that I can have a house that satisfies my aesthetic taste. Besides, a unique touch is so satisfying.

I pinned a link to the site Design Seeds which helps you pick color palettes. The choices are limited to what the site creator has put together, so I went searching for another option and found Adobe Color. I may give my room a mini-make-over (no painting).

Friday, July 15, 2016

Travel Packing Lists and Containers and Packing and Planning

I bought these travel toothbrushes, travel makeup brushes, and travel bottles on Amazon.

I had an Excel packing list with items in red that I needed. I shared some toiletries. I wrote some last minute checklists in addition to my packing list to ensure I packed everything. I am trying to make notes for better packing for my future trips! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Reading Challenge: Anne of Ingleside

I finished Anne of Ingleside long ago, and it is possibly my least favorite of the series, certainly it is the least memorable. I had to refresh my memory a bit.

Montgomery has some precious episodes in this book about the Blythe children. Do you have a favorite of the Ingleside munchkins? What was your favorite story?

Walter and Jem are my favorites. There are too many little tragedies for this book to be super enjoyable. Most of the children's stories involve real terror, anxiety, or stress. The cake story could be considered a favorite merely because it cannot be assigned to the aforementioned category of tragedy, and I have no sympathy for Rilla's ridiculous vanity. Nothing in that story is deep.

In this book we really get a taste of Anne and Gilbert’s parenting styles. What do you think of Doctor and Mrs. Blythe as parents? Do you have any thoughts about the way their household is run?

I GREATLY dislike the picking favorites between the twins; as in, I think that is absolutely despicable and doesn't at all match with my conception of the honor and love the old Anne and Gilbert would give. I also dislike that Susan has such a say in things, particularly with Shirley. I am not sure the author meant to do this, but we hear more about Susan than Anne as Anne seems rather passively in the background, and this doesn't fit with Anne's personality at all in the earlier books; she was quite involved and hard-working (I think the author had trouble keeping a balance with characterization, e.g. Shirley is barely a personality at all). Also, that Mary Maria Blythe is an evil witch, and Gilbert should have made her leave, and Anne should have said something. No manner of loneliness or neglect or wrong justifies anyone in making everyone else miserable. What a busybody. She spoiled much of the book, I think.

Anne fears that Gilbert no longer loves her because he doesn’t seem to be as attentive. Do you think that Gil should have been more cognizant of his behavior or should Anne have voiced her concerns? Was she just being a worry-wort and over-dramatizing things or did she have a legit reason to be concerned/jealous? 

I don't think she had a legitimate reason to doubt Gilbert, but mentioning her worries might have saved her some anxiety. I do think that Christine was trying to deliberately draw Gilbert's attention to herself and make Anne feel bad so that she, Christine, could feel better.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Travel Treasures

I bought a few jewels on my trip and picked a few things up off the beach in San Diego (most of what the sea washed in was GOBS of seaweed which is disgusting . . . sayeth the Gulf child).

In Albuquerque we stopped at Genuine Southwest Arts and Gifts, and I bought two lovely bowls and a pair of glass earrings. The first bowl is made out of micaceous clay which is only found in New Mexico.

Some sidewalk vendors lined some store fronts in Albuquerque, and I found a lovely turquoise and silver pendant.

On a San Diego beach I picked up this stone and these mussel shells.

And in Utah, I bought this tiny piece of Navajo pottery from a roadside vendor.

Friday, July 8, 2016

My Quilt

I started a sloppy patchwork quilt as a child and finished it sloppily as a teenager. The patches came apart, and I sewed it into a bag; I think I still have it, and if I do I might redo the entire quilt.

My second quilt I started at seventeen or younger. I finally finished off the binding this year. Everything is hand-stitched. I will not do that again as I have my preferred handcrafts, and no one has enough time to pursue absolutely every handcraft.

My room is not properly decorated, and I needed a new bed-cover, so I have the quilt on my bed for now.

Isn't the binding cute? I bought blue binding originally (I have a blue border that you cannot see in this photo), and then used some of it and could not match it. Then I realized such packaged binding isn't 100% cotton anyway. I decided to make some but could not find a good match until I went to a local quilt shop. I was under the impression that I needed bias binding, and I am so glad I asked about amount of fabric I needed because I was informed that for a rectangular quilt regular binding with strips sewn diagonally is the appropriate choice. This information saved me money, time, and frustration.

Monday, July 4, 2016

U.S. Southwest Survey Vacation: Colorado and Kansas or We are Getting Tired of Makings Stops

We did not make much of an effort to find sites (other than for gas and food) at which to stop for Colorado and Kansas.

I found Colorado's landscape refreshing after the barrenness of most of the other states.

 We saw a brick road in Kansas although of red brick. I think that building is of the yellow sandstone that probably inspired The Yellow Brick Road.

Away in the distance is Fort Riley; we heard artillery go off and saw the smoke from this lookout.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Katniss Cowl

Well, I finally finished my sister's cowl that I promised like a year or so ago.  I left out the triangle piece because it did not fit after I sewed the rest of it together. When I showed my mom my accessory and the original, she liked mine better, but I am not super thrilled with it. Of course maybe it will fit my sister better than me. And rustic has never been my look anyway.

I found photos of the back of the original as well.

Here is an article regarding the original which costumers hand wove rather than knit.

I used tutorials/patterns including this, this, and this for the top cording. I am left-handed, so I found this part somewhat difficult. I did only two rows rather than three and mine ended up too short in length. I should have done that part last.

I used a couple tutorials for herringbone, and here is one (for this stitch I needed some videos).

This is the pattern I used for the body. I think I did a little extra on the top piece and I decreased two stitches every knit row (slip 3, rather than the usual 2, knit decrease and leave one on left needle as before) for the second piece.