J.R.R. Tolkien Blog Party 2016

I am linking up HERE. I guess I need to start reading!!!

The Tolkien Tag 2016

1.  How many books by J.R.R. Tolkien have you read?
I've read the trilogy and The Hobbit. And The Silmarillion. We have two more sets of stories, edited by Christopher Tolkien, I think, that I need to read this time around.

2.  Have you seen any movies based on them?
I've seen all The Hobbit movies (not the extended versions yet), and all the extended versions of the trilogy.

3.  Are there any scenes/moments that make you cry?
I'm a hard-hearted non-crier usually, and I haven't seen the trilogy in many years (I'm more likely to cry in movies or listening to audio than reading, I think). But some of the saddest moments that I can are Kili and Fili's deaths. And when Eomer (my favorite character) finds Eowyn.

4.  Are there any scenes/moments that make you laugh?
Merry and Pippin. Need I say more. They are constantly being mischievous in the beginning of The Fellowship. And Aragorn's reaction to their obsession with food.

5.  Have you ever chosen a Middle Earth name for yourself?  If so, what is it?
I have put my name in many of those Elven name sites, and I've gotten a multitude of variations. Here is one: Tamuríl Anwarünya.

6.  Who would you want to party with/marry/fight to the death? (pick three characters)
I'd probably party with Merry and Pippin or the wood elves. I'd marry Eomer (duh). I'd fight Wormtongue (I just wrote Wormtail, well there are so many slimy traitors with names beginning with "Worm") to the death.

7.  When was the last time you visited Middle Earth, via books or movies?
When I read The Hobbit and watched the last movie a couple years ago.

8.  Do you consider Gollum to be a villain?  Why or why not?
Yes, I think he was HORRIBLE ever since he got the ring (and I always avoided watching that part; we weren't allowed originally, and I kept it up). He had the worst obtainment of the ring, and he turned bad, very bad, more quickly than any other ring-holder.

9.  How would you sum up what Tolkien's stories mean to you in one word?

10. List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotes from the books or movies.
Well, I haven't read the books or watched the movies in awhile, so I may update this after I have. I enjoy the poetry and songs.

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