Election Day

I will hopefully be hunkering down and avoiding the Internet until the election is over.

I decided to edit my moralizing posts. Journaling and discussing within the family are the places for that. I don't really want to read that from other people, and most of the Internet is not a good place for discussion and many topics shouldn't be widely discussed. Unless you are a polite, good, brilliant, ethical, well-informed, well-researched, well-reasoned intellectual, please don't spout opinions on grave subjects of which you know very little. We shouldn't even form opinions on these issues without serious research, study, discussion (with trusted people), and thought. We don't need more unprofessional opinions!

Then there is the issue of privacy; these are MY personal opinions, and I'm not a professional. And did I mention that we don't need more unprofessional opinions?!!!!!!! Now, this is my blog, and I am my own censor, so I will decide how much I will limit myself. I will probably post links and maybe small posts.

Oh, yeah, and the Bible has a lot to say about too many words. A lot. Way more than this over-touted, "silence is wrong." Sometimes it might be, but that is hardly ever the issue. Same with the issue of anger and the so-called command to "righteous" anger; I've seen plenty of that too.