Monday, February 20, 2017

Beauty and Style Books, Part Two: Style and Ethical Fashion


For style I own: Color Me Beautiful and Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. By the time of this posting, I may have gotten rid of the latter as I've outgrown it. I rely on Inside Out Style Blog and Pinterest nowawadays and wish she had a print book.

I greatly enjoyed Lessons from Madame Chic (its not only on style). I liked this presentation of minimalism. When I see it presented on the internet, the styles are extremely trendy and not my style and the colors austere. I want to get this and the other Madame Chic books on poise and home from the library along with this style book: The Curated Closet.

Ethical Fashion and Minimalism

Overdressed. I got this from the library before but didn't put much effort into reading it. I don't think I need to read all of these beauty books word for word.

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster

Material Girls

Wear No Evil

Fix Your Clothes 

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