Please Read First

Although raised in a Christian household, I don't profess Christianity although I adhere to a Judeo-Christian worldview, and this will show at times as everyone's worldview does, so please respect and leave be my choices of subject matter and my opinions. The subjects of this blog are my leisure interests mainly.

~I don't want spiritual, political, moral, philosophical, and theological comments; bloggers and other lay people on any media platform aren't my sources for serious intellectual and moral topics. They shouldn't be for anyone.

~Please no personal questions. If you know me in real life, please respect my desire for safe online anonymity.

~Please don't advertise or promote your blog in the comments.

Those were some general rules, but I still reserve the right to delete anything from anyone for any reason.

Affiliate Links. I do have affiliate link banners (they are marked as such), and if I use affiliate links in a post, I will make note of the fact.

P.S. I have comments disabled on this page.